Are Basketball Shoes Good For Walking – Super Detail Guide 2022

 Are basketball shoes good for walking? This is a common question I hear and the answer is an obvious “yes”. If you are planning to go for a walk or run, then your first instinct might be to get better running or walking shoes.

What happens if you really don’t feel like wearing any other shoes? You can still use your old pair of sneakers or sports shoes that you got with your workout outfit!

There are different ways of walking and in the present days, footwear or shoes have been designed in such a way that they can provide comfort to the feet. They are also made lightweight so that they can be easily moved around with ease.

If you are thinking about buying a brand-new pair of basketball shoes because your old ones are too small and need replacing, then this guide will teach you all about sizing basketball shoes.

Basketball Shoes Are Designed For Quickness


Basketball shoes are designed for quickness and pivoting, so they’re not made for walking.

  • They have a low-to-the-ground feel: The base of a basketball shoe is closer to the floor than most other kinds of sneakers, which makes it easier to run and jump in them.
  • They have a narrow fit: Basketball shoes are also narrower than other types of sneakers because their laces are positioned differently from those on more casual styles (closer together). This helps avoid getting tripped up by the sides of your feet when you’re on the court.

They Don’t Support Your Feet When Doing A Lot Of Walking

Basketball shoes are designed for quickness and pivoting, but this can be a problem if you’re planning on wearing them for long walks. The soles of basketball shoes are typically very thin and do not provide the same amount of support as other types of footwear.

Since they are designed with speed in mind, any extra material will weigh the shoe down, which means it’s less likely that you’ll get that springiness when playing or practicing your moves.

In fact, because basketball shoes aren’t made for walking around town all day long (let alone for running), some people have found that their feet hurt after spending hours at their jobs!

You Won’t Be Able To Take As Much Pressure Off Of Your Feet

If you’re not expecting to play basketball, basketball shoes won’t be very helpful for walking. They are designed for quickness and pivoting, not for taking pressure off of your feet.

If you try to walk in them, you’ll find that it’s harder to take pressure off of your feet than with regular shoes. This means that there’s a higher chance of rolling an ankle when wearing basketball shoes than with regular ones.

With The Right Amount Of Padding In The Heel

With The Right Amount Of Padding In The Heel

There is no reason why you can’t use basketball shoes for walking. If you have the right amount of padding in the heel, they’re good to go.

You’ll also want to make sure that your ball of foot (or forefoot) has enough cushioning so that it doesn’t hurt when you walk around all day—that’s where most people get their blisters from!

If your basketball shoes lack these things, then they’re not suited for long distances like walking or running on pavement or cement surfaces.

They might be fine if you’re just going a short distance though—like taking a short trip down the block to grab some groceries before dinner time comes rolling around again!

If You’re Going To Be Doing A Lot Of Walking

If you’re going to be doing a lot of walking, the sole of a basketball shoe isn’t going to help you at all. Basketball shoes are made for quickness and pivoting, not comfort.

They don’t have much cushioning in the soles because they need to be as light as possible so players can move quickly on the court.

Plus, they have hard rubber soles instead of soft ones like sneakers do—the rubber is harder than any normal sidewalk or pavement will ever be!

They’ve also got treads that aren’t meant for walking: they’re small and compacted together tightly so that players can pivot quickly with their feet firmly planted on the ground (something called “plantar flexion”).

To top it off…the front part where your toe bends has been cut out so that when a player steps down hard with his/her foot he/she doesn’t feel any discomfort from having material there; instead, there’s just nothing but air between those tiny little toes!

You’ll Have A Higher Chance Of Rolling An Ankle

If you’re accustomed to wearing basketball shoes, the transition to a different type of walking shoe may have you feeling like your feet are bare. But if you’re looking for a good quality walking shoe, that’s actually good news for your body.

The design of basketball shoes is intended for quickness and pivoting—not stability or support. The sole is much thinner than other types of footwear, which means it doesn’t have much shock absorption or padding built into it.

They also don’t have much traction compared to running shoes, which makes them problematic when wet or snowy conditions are present on the ground beneath your feet.

Don’t Wear Your Basketball Shoes When You Go On Long Walks

  • Don’t wear your basketball shoes when you go on long walks or run errands.
  • Basketball shoes aren’t made for walking, so it’s best to not wear them if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking around town.
  • If you need something that provides stability and support, then look into purchasing a pair of cross-training shoes instead.

Basketball Shoes VS Walking Shoes

Walking shoes are designed to be used for brisk walks and other short distances. They are not intended for long-distance walking or running.

Basketball shoes, on the other hand, are designed to be worn for both running and basketball. The two types of footwear have many differences in their design and comfort levels.

Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes are more supportive than walking shoes and are worn by players on the court during games and practices. They feature a higher heel than walking shoes, which allows for better ankle support when jumping or landing from jumps.

The shoe also has a wider toe box that helps with toe touches on the ball. These shoes come in different colors and styles to match your team’s uniform colors.

Walking Shoes

Walking shoes don’t have much support like basketball shoes do but they do have padding in the heels that help absorb impact from running or jumping while wearing them.

Walking shoes usually have a flat sole which makes them easier to walk in but they may not offer as much traction as basketball shoe soles since they don’t have spikes or traction features built into them like basketball shoe soles do

Matters Consider Before Wearing Basketball Shoes For Walking 

Matters Consider Before Wearing Basketball Shoes For Walking 

If you are a basketball player and you are training for the upcoming match, then it is important to know about the best basketball shoes for walking. There are a lot of brands from which you can choose but you should always look for durable and comfortable shoes.

A good pair of basketball shoes will help you to improve your footwork and enhance your running ability. You can also get a pair of NBA shoe if you want to play in a professional league. But before buying any pair of NBA shoe, it is essential to know how to choose right basketball shoe for walking.

Here are some important tips that you need to consider before buying any pair of NBA shoe:


You should look for a pair of NBA shoe that is durable and can last longer than other brands. It is essential because with each step, your shoe will wear out and eventually become useless after some time so it is better to buy a durable one as compared to a cheap one which may break easily at any time during playing or training sessions.


The comfort level of any shoe depends on the material used in its construction and its sole design but there are some things that

Benefits Of Using Basketball Shoes For Walking

Benefits of using basketball shoes for walking:


The cushioning of a basketball shoe is designed to absorb the shock and protect your knees, ankle and hips.


 A good basketball shoe has an insole with extra padding and a supportive midsole that will help you stay stable on your feet while walking.


Each pair of shoes comes with its own unique support system that helps provide stability when you need it most, like when you’re walking up stairs or uneven terrain.

Lightweight design:

A good basketball shoe has a lighter weight design than other running shoes so you can feel more comfortable as you walk around town or go on long walks outside without getting tired quickly!

Best Basketball Shoes For Walking

The best basketball shoes for walking are going to be the ones that offer you the most support and stability.

This is going to be your main focus when buying a pair of basketball shoes, as you need to have a shoe that will help you perform at the highest level possible.

There are several different types of basketball shoes out there, but they all have one thing in common: they’re designed to give you maximum support and stability when playing basketball.

The best way to find out which ones are right for you is by doing some research online or talking to friends who play basketball.

If you’re looking for something new or want to try something different from what’s out there, there are plenty of different types of shoes available on the market today.

From traditional styles that look like sneakers to more modern designs that don’t look like sneakers at all, there’s something here for everyone!

Some of these shoes come with padding built in so that you can wear them all day long without having any problems with sore feet or ankles.

Other models may feature extra support where needed most (such as around the ankles), while still others may simply provide a little extra cushioning underfoot when walking around on court or just around town

Frequently Asked Question (Are Basketball Shoes Good For Walking)

Can basketball shoes be used for daily use?

Basketball shoes are designed for basketball, not for walking. Basketball shoes are not good for walking, running or running on the treadmill. Basketball shoes are not good to walk on the treadmill either.

Are basketball shoes better than normal shoes?

Basketball shoes are designed to provide support and stability, which is critical for the sport of basketball. They also protect your feet from injury during the game, making them great at what they’re meant to do.

Most basketball shoes are lightweight, breathable and comfortable so that you can play without feeling like you’re wearing heavy work boots. These features make them durable as well: even if you wear them every day or play several games per week (or month), they will last a long time without falling apart.

Why are basketball shoes so comfortable?

Basketball shoes are designed to be comfortable, as they’re not only worn during a game but also when walking back and forth between the court and locker room. Basketball shoes have a wider toe box in comparison to running shoes. This allows your toes to spread out more naturally while still remaining supportive.

Basketball shoes have more padding compared to other types of athletic footwear because you’ll be doing things like jumping, landing on your feet from high places, or slamming on the ground from hard falls (especially if you play basketball!). The extra padding helps reduce the risk of injury for those who tend to land hard on their feet.

Basketball shoe soles are flexible enough for movement around an indoor court but sturdy enough for traction outdoors so that players don’t slip during playtime!

Why are basketball shoes so heavy?

The first thing to know is that basketball shoes are heavier than regular sneakers. They have a thicker sole, higher heel and ankle collar, which are all designed to give you better control and support when playing in the game. The shoe manufacturer also makes sure that the shoes fit your foot correctly so it will not move around inside the shoe while you play.

Often times people who want to get into shape or lose weight think they can walk more miles by wearing basketball shoes because of how much lighter they feel on their feet compared to other types of athletic shoes.

However, this can be dangerous for your ankles and knees if you aren’t completely familiar with how these type of shoes work during physical activity like running or walking long distances (more than 10 miles per day).

Are running shoes good for walking?

If you are looking for the best shoe for walking, running shoes are not the ones to pick. Yes, they have a lot of cushioning and support and can be very comfortable if you want to run in them on a treadmill or just walk around the house.

But if you want to go out and walk on concrete, asphalt or even gravel paths regularly then running shoes are not going to cut it.

They will hurt your feet more than regular walking shoes because they were designed with high arches that hold up your foot when running; however these same features will cause pain if used when walking because of all the movement involved in this activity.

Another thing worth noting is that while running shoes might look similar to everyday athletic footwear (like basketball shoes) they aren’t made with the same level of comfort in mind, nor do they provide superior protection against different elements such as weather or hazards like glass or rocks on the ground.


If you’re looking for a good pair of shoes that will help protect your feet and support them on long walks, then basketball shoes probably aren’t the best choice.

They’re designed for quickness and pivoting, not walking long distances or doing errands around town. If you want something comfortable and supportive enough for these activities, try looking at shoes specifically made for walking instead!

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