Best Basketball Hoop for Swimming Pool in 2023 – Best Buying Guide Ever!- Top 10 Highly Rated Picks

This article covers a full range of best basketball hoop for swimming pool ideal for the summer season. The list of this article includes a poolside basketball hoop, inflatable hoops, and a floating basketball hoop.

We spent most of our time in playing basketball. So, we gained a lot of experience from it. So, now we want to share our knowledge with you to make this article the best.

Some of the pool hoops give you good durability as well as reliability. Whereas some of the pool hoops get crack or maybe burst depending on the quality. So, the list of this article gives you awesome pool hoops that give you excellent build quality.

The pool hoops enhance your fun. Mainly, children and teenagers are eager about the addition of a basketball hoop in their pool.

Nowadays, you will find a lot of pool hoops in the market, but we are going to show you how to look out a pool hoop and help you pick a faultless hoop to avoid from trouble. We pick up the ten best pool basketball hoops

floating basketball hoop
Splash 360 floating pool hoop
  • Material: Sturdy Steel Frame
  • Set Includes: 1 inflatable basketball hoop, 2 basketball balls, 1 hand pump
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basketball hoops for swimming pool
SKLZ Pro Mini basketball hoop
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Rim Material: Spring-action Breakaway Rim
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swimming pool basketball hoop
Go-Sports Splash Pro Poolside Basketball Hoop


  • Material: Sturdy PVC Material
  • Set Includes: 1 basketball hoop, 2 basketball balls, 1 hand pump
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swimming   pool basketball hoop
Dunnrite Poolside Basketball Hoop With Volleyball
  • Material: Sturdy PVC Material
  • Set Includes: 1 basketball hoop, complete volleyball set.
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1. Splash 360 Floating Pool Hoop

Splash 360 Floating Pool Hoop



9.8/10 Our Score
  • Frame Material: Sturdy Steel Frame 
  • Set Includes: 2 Basketball balls, 1 basketball air pump
  • Dimension: 21.6 x 19.6 inches

Splash 360 floating pool hoop is the leading product on our list because its 4300+ ratings with great customers reviews. It is a floating pool hoop which rotates 360 degrees. The design of this hoop is simple, but it gives a modern look.

You can increase the beauty of your pool by adding this basketball hoop. There are two colors available in this pool hoop red and blue. So, you can buy whatever color you like. It is effortless to assemble.

However, it takes less than a minute in its assembling. We like that the company includes two water basketball and their air pump. So, you don’t need to buy it separately. It comes with a strong frame that increases your fun. It is a durable basketball hoop.

This hoop comes with a height of 21.65″, and its width is about 19.69″, which is a decent size for a pool. It requires about 6.7″ of water ball size but doesn’t worry about that because that water ball comes with it. To increase your enjoyment, you can also buy a watermelon ball and wave runner grip.

Its frame is made up of steel, and its joints are made up of plastic. After buying this basketball hoop, children and teenagers  spends most of their time in the swimming pool without getting bored.

Overall, this floating pool basketball hoop is best for kids, teenagers and also for adults. It is also a top-rated and most selling product on amazon.

That’s why we recommend you to buy this hoop if you want to raise your enjoyment.


  • Easy to assemble
  • It comes in a decent size
  • Includes two water basketball with their pump
  • Its built quality is durable
  • It is slightly unstable


2. SKLZ Pro Mini Portable Basketball Hoop

9.2/10 Our Score
  • Backboard Material: Polycarbonate
  • Rim Material: Spring action Breakaway Rim
  • Backboard Dimension: 33 x 23 inches

SKLZ Pro Mini basketball hoop is a leading product in terms of the poolside basketball hoop. One of the great things that we like about this hoop is that you can also use it in the driveway, backyard, and even in the garden because it is adjustable.

SKLZ Pro Mini basketball hoop is highly portable basketball hoop because of its lightweight. It has a mobile base that is filled with water as well as with sand for better stability. This poolside basketball hoop has excellent durability.

The backboard, rim, and net of this hoop are weather resistant. This SKLZ Company has made its logo on the backboard, which gives it a premium look.

The measurements of the backboard of this hoop is about 33 x 23 inches which is an adequate size for the poolside and driveway, backyard, or garden.

This basketball hoop has a shatterproof backboard that is made up of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is high-quality plastic that is naturally transparent.

But the rebounding force of this basketball hoop is not so good. You can easily adjust this hoop for all ages.

It can adjusted from 3ft to 7ft. It means that it is the best hoop for children, teenagers, and adults. This hoop has a single compression breakaway rim which prevents it from breaking.

Generally, it is 2 in 1 basketball hoop. So you can also use it for the pool and your home’s driveway, garden, and backyard.

  • It is 2 in 1 basketball hoop
  • Shatterproof backboard
  • It is adjustable for all ages
  • Its pole can get rust, if you use it in saltwater, so use a protective non-rusting spray to avoid rusting for a long time.

3. Go-Sports Splash Pro Poolside Basketball Hoop

Editor’s Choice 
9.7/10 Our Score
  • Backboard Material: Robust Construction
  • Set Includes: 2 Basketball Balls, hand pump
  • Backboard Dimension: 34 x 25 inches

Go-Sports Splash Pro Poolside Basketball Hoop comes with the 3600+ ratings with great user reviews. If you don’t like a moveable floating basketball hoop, so Go-Sports Splash Pro Poolside Basketball Hoop is the most convenient option because it is placed at the side of the pool.

This hoop includes a weighted base for perfect stability. For perfect stability, you can add sand or water in its base.

It has two colors, red and blue, so you can buy whatever color you like. One good thing about this basketball hoop is that it includes two balls and a ball pump. You can beat your summer heat with the Splash Pro Poolside hoop.

It has a 34″ x 25″ inches size backboard with 14 inches rim. This hoop is made up of a thick and water-resistant hoop. The assembling of this hoop is easy, but it still requires at least 20mins.

The total height of the hoop is about 40 inches which is quite good for playing basketball in the swimming pool.

We also like the material of this poolside basketball hoop because there are no metal pieces, which means that it is a guaranteed-rusted-free basketball hoop.

In my opinion, this poolside basketball hoop is outstanding because it has a budget-friendly price, excellent built quality, and it comes with superb durability.

  • It has a budget-friendly price
  • This basketball system gives a modern look
  • It includes a basketball ball and ball pump
  • Rust-resistant basketball hoop 
  • It is also easy to assemble
  • No height adjustment mechanism installed in it

4. Hoop Shark Inflatable Basketball Hoop

8.2/10 Our Score
  • Material: Thick Rubber
  • Weight: 3.11lb (1.41kg)
  • Dimension: 46 x 40 inches

There are many great design basketball hoops in the list of this article, but Hoop Shark Inflatable Basketball Hoop gives the most superior look, which increases the beauty of your pool. 

It is easy for you to transport this basketball hoop from one place to another place because you can quickly deflate it, and then you can take it wherever you want.

It is made from thicker rubber which gives it good durability and excellent reliability. It is an inflatable hoop which means you can inflate it quickly with the help of hand pump. 

It weighs about 3.11lb (1.41kg), which means that it is you can lift it without any difficulty. You don’t need to to spend your money on basketball ball separately, as it is included in the set of this hoop .

Its height is about 40″ while it comes with a width of 46″. It is suitable for younger kids and teenagers to enjoy themselves with their family members or friends. They can also play crazy trick shots by jumping from the side of the pool.

Everything has its ups and downs, so this hoop also has ups and downs, which we have described below

  • It is an inflatable hoop
  • It comes in a decent size
  • This hoop gives a superior look
  • It is made up of thicker rubber which provides it good durability
  • It is budget-friendly basketball hoop
  • There is always a risk that someone makes a hole in its air section
  • It takes time to set it up first, but after that, you can enjoy the game for a long-time

5. Lifetime 1306 Pool Side Basketball System

9.0/10 Our Score
  • Backboard Material: Polycarbonate
  • Rim Material: Classic Basketball Rim
  • Backboard Dimension: 44 inches

Lifetime is the most reputable company and manufactures high-quality basketball hoops in all categories, such as manufactured wall-mounted, roof-mounted, poolside, inflatable, portable, and floating basketball hoops.

Lifetime 1306 basketball hoop is one of the incredible poolside basketball hoop because you can also use this hoop in your driveway, garden, and backyard.

This basketball hoop comes in three categories, or you can also say that it comes in three colors: white impact, blue fusion, and white fusion.

However, our favorite color is blue fusion😉. It costs a bit more, but it increases the beauty of your pool or your home’s backyard.

It comes with a heavy-duty 27-gallon base which is enough for the stability of this hoop. You can fill its base with sand or water. This hoop has two roller wheels under its base, so you can quickly move it to your desired location.

The shatterproof backboard of this hoop comes with 44″ which is made up of polycarbonate. The pole of this hoop is made up of alloy steel. It is UV protected basketball hoop. Its pole is rust-resistant which makes it more strong and durable.

It comes with a telescopic height adjustment mechanism which is a great thing about this basketball hoop. This hoop can adjust from 4ft to 6ft with 6″ of increment. The hoop’s rim comprises of 5/8″ solid steel ring supported with 1/2″ braces, and its net is made up of nylon.

Overall, this is a great hoop for adults. If you want a poolside basketball hoop in less budget, so you can go with GoSports Splash Pro Poolside Basketball Hoop.

  • It has a 44″ shatterproof backboard
  • This hoop comes with telescopic height adjustment
  • It has great stability
  • This is a UV protected basketball hoop
  • Its price is a bit more (if you want to buy cheap you can go with its third category, which is white impact)

6. Poolmaster 72783 Pro Rebounder Poolside Basketball Hoop

8.8/10 Our Score
  • Backboard Material: PVC
  • Rim Material: Breakaway steel Rim
  • Backboard Dimension: 34 x 25.5 inches

The Poolmaster 72783 Poolside Basketball Hoop is a different type of basketball hoop because of its unusual shape. It comes in unique design as compared to all other poolside basketball hoops. This basketball hoop comes in blue colour with the excellent design of basketball on it.

The backboard of this product is a great rebounder, as its name suggests. If the shot has been missed, it helps a ball to get back into the pool.

You can also get a classic pro basketball ball with this hoop. The backboard of this hoop is made up of sturdy PVC, which makes it a rigid backboard.

One best thing about this basketball hoop is that there are no metal pieces in this hoop. So, you can also use it in salty water because it can’t get rust.

The backboard is 34 inches wide and 25.5 inches high. The shape of its base is different from all other hoops, which give it a premium look. You can fill sand in its base for maximum stability.

The weight of this hoop is 10 pounds which means that it is highly portable. The diameter of the rim of this hoop is about 14 inches.

At last, we want to say that , it is fantastic basketball hoop for kids and teenagers. In fact, everything has its advantages and disadvantages, so this hoop also has some advantages and disadvantages which we have described below.

  • Its shape gives a premium look
  • The backboard of this basketball hoop is made up of sturdy PVC
  • It is best for kids and teenagers
  • There are no metal pieces in this hoop. So, you can also use it in salty water.
  • It has no breakaway rim
  • There is no height adjustment mechanic installed in this basketball hoop

7. Dunnrite Poolside Basketball Hoop with Volleyball Set

Combo Set
8.9/10 Our Score
  • Backboard Material: Sturdy PVC Material
  • Rim Material: Vinyl Coated Steel Rim
  • Backboard Dimension: 31 x 22 inches

If you want to change your home’s swimming pool into an aquatic sports centre, so you can buy Dunnrite set because it comes with a poolside basketball hoop and a complete set of volleyball. So, you can get a taste of two games at the same time.

Volleyball is another interesting game for pool gatherings. Now let’s talk about the basketball hoop; we chose this model because of its excellent built quality. It is a save pool basketball hoop because there are no sharp borders that cause an injury.

The assembling of this hoop is straightforward, but it takes at least 15 minutes. This 2 in 1 combo set includes a durable and reliable backboard that comes with the size of 31 x 22 inches.

The size of the volleyball net is about 16ft. The best thing about this combo unit is that it comes with a three years of limited warranty. It has a vinyl-coated rim with a diameter of 13.5 inches.

The height of this hoop is about 38 inches which is more than enough for playing basketball in the pool.

You don’t need to buy a basketball ball separately because it comes with it. About 115lbs of water fill in its base, which makes excellent stability for it.

Generally, it is a fantastic combo set because it has a basketball hoop and a complete volleyball set. Moreover, it comes with the excellent build quality.

  • It is a combo set of a basketball hoop with a volleyball set
  • It has awesome stability
  • The set of this system also includes basketball ball
  • You can fill its base with water or sand
  • There is no height adjustment in this basketball hoop

8.GoSports Splash Elite Pool Basketball Hoop

9.5/10 Our Score
  • Backboard Material: Shatterproof Polycarbonate
  • Rim Material: Classic Rim
  • Backboard Dimension: 44 x 32 inches

If you want to surprise your kid and increase your pool’s beauty, so you can buy this incredible poolside basketball hoop. 

Many of the poolside basketball hoops are made with cheaper quality material due to which, when they get exposed to the sun, their colour starts fading, but that is not in the case of GoSports Splash Elite pool basketball hoops.

However, its price is bit more, but it gives hours of fun to kids as well as to adults. The assembling of this hoop is very easy. You don’t require any special tool to assemble it. This is an adjustable basketball hoop. You can adjust its height from 30″ to 48″. 

The dimension of its backboard is about 44 x 32 inches. Its weight is 58 pounds when its base is filled with water. The manufacturer recommended age for this hoop is three years and above.

This hoop includes two basketball balls with their pump so you can quickly fill the air in the basketball ball when they get deflate. Classic rim is equipped in this basketball hoop, which is directly bolted into the backboard. 

According to our point of view, this basketball hoop is suitable for kids, teenagers , and adults.

  • This is best for kids, teenagers and adults
  • The size of the backboard is decent
  • It includes two basketballs with their pump
  • Height adjustable poolside basketball hoop 
  • Classic rim make it more sturdy and strong
  • Its price is bit more

9. Joyjoz Inflatable Pool Basketball Hoop with Volleyball Set

8.1/10 Our Score
  • Material: Thick PVC Material
  • Dimension: 27 x 23 inches

Summer season is now coming. So, are you want to enjoy this season with your family? If yes, then buy a Joyjoz Inflatable Pool set because it comes with a basketball hoop. It also includes a complete set of volleyball. This means that it is a 2 in 1 sports combo set.

With this set, you can get double fun at a time. Joyjoz inflatable basketball and volleyball set can meet all your requirements, and it also gives you a lot of joy.

This set is not suitable only for the swimming pool, but you can also play with it on beaches, lawn as well as in your garden. This set also includes one basketball ball, one volleyball ball, and one volleyball net.

The height of the basketball hoop is about 23″, and it comes with 27″ of width. The length of the volleyball net is about 15″, which is good enough to play basketball in the swimming pool.

This set is made with high-quality 0.30mm thick PVC material, which means that it is a long-lasting product. It comes with an attractive design that enhances the beauty of your swimming pool.

Overall, this is a remarkable set for kids, teenagers, and adults. It is an ideal product to give gifts to your family member on birthdays, Christmas, events, or in ceremonies.

  • It is 2 in 1 combo set
  • It comes with a thick material as compared to other
  • It has an attractive design
  • It has awesome durability
  • Not durable 

10. Inflatable Pool Basketball Hoop

8.0/10 Our Score
  • Material: Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Set Includes: 2 Basketball balls
  • Dimension: 47 x 43 inches

This product is at the last of list of this article because the built quality of this hoop is not so good, but at this price range, we can only expect this type of basketball hoop. 

There is a captain America’s shield’s design on its base, giving it a premium look. With this basketball hoop, they also include two water basketballs which come in different sizes. The size of one basketball ball is about 7″, and the size of another basketball ball is 10″.

This hoop is easy to inflate. There are total 6 air-section in which you have to fill the air with the help of an air pump.

The basketball hoop is 47″ x 43″, which is decent size for pool parties. The shape of this hoop gives it good stability. It is made with 0.5mm thick PVC material.

This basketball system is suitable for children as well as adults. The weight of this hoop is about 4.73 pounds (2.14kg) which means that it is highly portable and you can lift it with more ease. The recommended age for this hoop is three years and up.

Our final words about this hoop are that only buy this hoop when you don’t have enough budget to buy the expensive basketball hoop.

Moreover, If you have a budget, we suggest you to go with a good-quality inflatable hoop Hoop Shark Inflatable Basketball Hoop.

  • Its price is low
  • It comes in decent size
  • It is suitable for kids and adults
  • It comes with thicker PVC material
  • It built quality is not good enough

Things to Consider before Buying a Basketball Hoop for Swimming Pool

Basketball Hoop for Swimming Pool

There are two types of basketball that you can buy for your swimming pool. Both of them, we will describe below: –

. Floating basketball hoop

Floating basketball hoop also comes in two categories inflatable or foam bottom basketball hoop. Usually, these basketball hoop comes at a very reasonable price.

We recommend you buy a foam bottom floating basketball hoop because an inflatable basketball hoop slightly deflates after 2 to 3 days, and you have to inflate it regularly for the perfect play.

Another advantage of a floating basketball hoop is taking it with you to your friend’s pool or lake. These basketball hoops are also suitable for dunking shots and high jump shots from the side of the pool, as you don’t have to worry about the edges of the basketball hoop.

. Poolside Basketball Hoop

The Poolside basketball hoop is a bit more expensive as compared to the floating basketball hoop. But it takes your game to the actual basketball game.

Poolside basketball hoops are not recommended for dunking by older kids because the hoop’s rim may break if you suddenly put heavy weight on it.

Material of the Swimming Pool basketball hoop

You should have to pay attention to the material of the swimming pool basketball hoop before buying it.

A floating basketball hoop is not only inexpensive, but it is also made with rust-free material.

Many poolside basketball hoops are rust free and inexpensive, and have excellent built quality; such as Go-Sports Splash Pro Poolside Basketball Hoop is one of them.

Moreover, if you need a basketball hoop for salty water, visit our detailed product review about Best Pool Basketball Hoop for Saltwater.

Size of Hoop and Basketball Balls for Swimming Pool

Swimming pool basketball hoops come in different sizes. So you can buy any basketball hoop according to the size of your swimming pool.

The GO-Sports Splash Pro basketball Hoop is the best size for playing the basketball in swimming pool. However, the 14″ rim in swimming pool basketball hoop is most common

Moreover, if we talk about the size of the basketball balls, then the most common size of basketball balls for a swimming pool is 7 inches to 9 inches.


Q 1. How tall is a poolside basketball hoop?

Answer. If you want to buy a pool basketball hoop, we recommend you to purchase an adjustable one. However, if you’re going to buy a fixed basketball hoop, then the best basketball hoop for the pool is 4FT, but it is only a recommended size. You can buy according to your needs. if you want to to know about that, how tall is a normal basketball hoop then, click on link. 

Q 2. What is the pool basketball ball size?

Answer. However, the size of the basketball balls is different, and it also depends on the category of basketball hoops and the diameter of the basketball hoop basket. But the most popular size of the basketball ball that is mainly used in several pool basketball hoops is from 7 to 9 inches.

Q 3. Is pool basketball a sport?

Answer. Of course, yes, pool basketball is a water sport that gives you double enjoyment at a time. You can also enjoy basketball and swimming at a same time.

Q 4. How much is a pool basketball hoop?

Answer. However, it depends on what type of basketball hoop you buy, but the recommended price of a pool basketball hoop is $100 to $400.

Q 5. How can we play dual sports in the swimming pool?

Answer. There are many types of a basketball hoop that comes with a volleyball set. So, you can play double games at a time and also get double fun when you play with your friends and family. If you want to buy a basketball hoop which comes with volleyball set, so you can go with Dunnrite Poolside Basketball Hoop with Volleyball Set 

Q 6. Which material is best for pool basketball hoops?

Answer. However, there are two most common basketball materials in the pool basketball hoop.

The polycarbonate material gives you minimum rebound, but it makes the backboard almost unbreakable.

Acrylic material is one of the most common materials in poolside basketball hoops. The acrylic material is pretty good as compared to the polycarbonate backboard.

Q 7. Can I dunk on a poolside basketball hoop?

Answer. Yes, you can dunk on a poolside basketball hoop but with a few exceptions. Older kids cannot dunk on a poolside basketball hoop because the poolside basketball does not come with the flexible rim that can endurance the dunk of older kids, but younger kids from age 4 to 10 years can dunk with a poolside basketball hoop.

Q8. Is it safe to play basketball in the pool?

Yes, it is safe to play basketball in the pool. But you have to follow some safety tips.

To play basketball in the pool, it’s important that you have a good grip on the ball. If your fingers are slippery, you may lose control of the ball. You also need to be aware of where other swimmers are around you.

You should wear goggles or swim goggles when playing basketball in the pool. This will help protect your eyes from water splashing up from other players’ shots and prevent any damage to your eyesight.

As with any other sport, it’s important to wear appropriate clothing for playing basketball in water. It’s best not to wear loose-fitting clothing or jewelry because they can get caught on equipment and cause injury or drowning if they get pulled off during play.:

Q9. Will a basketball hoop damage my swimming pool?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is that in most cases, the basketball hoop will not damage your pool, but there are some exceptions to this rule. The first thing you need to do is make sure your pool has a concrete deck around it. If it does not, then you will need to install a permanent concrete base for the hoop. This base should be at least 4 inches thick and extend 6 inches from the edge of your pool into the ground.

If your pool does have a concrete deck around it, then you can simply attach the pole to this deck with cement anchors.

The size of these anchors depends on how much weight they need to support — in most cases, they’ll be able to support 100 pounds or less without any problems at all.

Finally, if you’re worried about how much space a basketball hoop takes up or whether it will interfere with other activities going on around your pool (such as sunbathing), consider using an inflatable setup instead. These hoops come in multiple sizes and are very easy to store away when they aren’t being used

Q10. Is a pool basketball hoop worth it?

Pool basketball hoops are a fun addition to your pool. They can be used by the entire family for a variety of games and activities. Pool basketball hoops are also great for teaching kids how to shoot baskets and helping them develop their skills.

Pool basketball hoops have many benefits. They’re great for:

Family time: If you have small children, they’ll love spending time with their parents or other adults on the court. It’s also a great way to teach them how to play basketball while having fun in the pool!

Pool parties: A pool basketball hoop adds extra excitement to any pool party! Guests will love dunking each other into the water or playing some serious one-on-one action.

Exercise: Shooting baskets is a great way to get in some exercise at home or at the gym. It’s easy on joints because you don’t need much strength or flexibility, and it doesn’t require any special equipment beyond a hoop and ball (and maybe a net).


At last, we want to say that the basketball hoops for the swimming pool increases kids’ fun and can even give more enjoyment and entertainment to the adults. We will provide you with some products that may fulfil your needs.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and fun pool toy for your swimming pool, Go-Sports Splash Pro Poolside Basketball Hoop may fulfil your requirements.

If you need a floating basketball hoop and want to increase your fun in less budget, Splash 360 floating pool hoop is the best option.

Moreover, if you have a slightly high budget and want to play dual sports in the swimming pool, we highly recommend you buy Dunnrite Poolside Basketball Hoop with Volleyball Set.

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