Best Roof Mounted Basketball Hoop In 2023 – Best Buying Guide! – Top 7 Highly Rated Picks

Before we start the detail product review, we want to tell you that best roof mounted basketball hoop and wall-mounted hoops are more stable as compared to Portable basketball hoop or over-the-door basketball hoop.

If you are looking for budget-friendly, great quality, and great looking roof-mounted basketball hoops so, you land on the right place because the list of this content meets fulfills all your these types of requirements, because we make this list after hours of research and select the top 7 products which are highly rated and best-selling products on Amazon.

If you have V-shape or plane roof, then it is time to get a roof-mounted basketball hoop. So, you can enjoy this game with your family as well as with your friends.


Silverback NXT 54″ Basketball Hoop

  • Backboard: Infinity Edge Backboard
  • Rim: Pro-style Breakaway Rim
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More Features


Cegoufun Basketball Hoop

  • Backboard: Polycarbonate
  • Rim: Breakaway Steel Rim 
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Spalding 44″ Molded Basketball Hoop 

  • Backboard: Molded
  • Rim: Classic Rim 
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Premium Pick 
Roof-Master III Basketball System
  • Backboard: Acrylic
  • Rim: Breakaway Rim
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Before buying any product, keep in mind that you review its built quality, specifications, pros and cons, ratings, as well as their expert reviews, and in this article, we will give you all this type of information.

The products in this list are our top picks for all the variety of roof-mounted basketball hoops. So, it’s time to start our detail product review.

1. Silverback NXT 54” Basketball hoop

Editor’s Choice
9.7/10 Our Score
  • Backboard Material: Infinity-Edge Backboard
  • Rim Material: Breakaway Rim
  • Backboard Dimension: 54 x 33 inches

Silverback NXT 54″ basketball hoop is an awesome model on this list; that’s why it is our top pick. You can use it as both roof-mounted and wall-mounted basketball hoop.

When the players want to grow their skills, so they should have to buy an upgraded version of a basketball hoop. That’s why, we recommend Silverback NXT 54” basketball hoop because it comes with height adjustment system and meet the requirements of all the adult players.

This basketball hoop is easy to install, but it may require at least 100 minutes with two strong adults. This frame of this basketball hoop is made with powder-coated steel and it comes with a 5-year warranty. This basketball hoop is perfect for home, garden, backyard, schools, offices, and gyms.

There is a logo of Silverback, which gives it an exclusive look. This hoop doesn’t include a mounting kit so, you need to buy it separately. 

It has an infinity-edge acrylic backboard with size of about 54″ x 33″. Its height can adjust easily from 7.5ft to. The backboard of this basketball hoop offers enough rigidity. Its backboard has also given a good rebounding to stop the ball from getting stuck on the roof.

It has a Pro-style breakaway solid rim which is made according to the regulations of the NBA and NCAA. The pro-style breakaway rim prevents the players from injury. This basketball hoop is more durable as compared to other hoops. 

Overall, it is a great basketball hoop at this price range. The final words about this hoop is that you can easily mount this hoop in your indoors, outdoors, rooms, office, gym, garage, or on your roof and enjoy the basketball game with your friends and family dmember. 

  • Decent size for junior or adult player
  • Solid breakaway rim equipped in it
  • Durable material
  • It has sturdy backboard
  • You can mount this hoop on roof as well as wall
  • You have to buy its mounting kit separately

2. JustInTymeSports Basketball Hoop

9.2/10 Our Score
  • Backboard Material: Polycarbonate
  • Rim Material: Breakaway steel Rim
  • Backboard Dimension: 24 x 16 inches

JustInTymeSports Basketball Hoop is best for teenagers and beginners who just started playing basketball because it comes in small size.

The backboard of this hoop comes with a width of 24″, and its height is about 16″; that’s why it is a mini basketball hoop, but it gives a average rebounding to the basketball.

The backboard of this hoop is made up of polycarbonate, which is a high-quality and naturally transparent material. The frame of the backboard is made up of solid steel with a width of 1/2″.

This basketball hoop also features the 12″ diameter breakaway solid steel rim. You can mount this hoop on the roof as well as on the wall.

The most important thing about this basketball hoop is that it includes a 5″ basketball ball as well as its mounting kit. So, you don’t need to buy these things separately. When we mount this basketball hoop on the wall, the distance from the wall to the front of rim is about 22.5″.

You can attach it in indoors or outdoors. But we recommended that, mount this basketball hoop in indoor because of its small size. The backboard and rim of this hoop are pre-assemble.

Its weight is about 15 pounds which indicates that it is highly portable. This basketball hoop is also highly-rated product on Amazon. 

At Last but not least, JustInTymeSports Basketball Hoop is best for teenagers and beginners who just started playing basketball because it comes in small size. We don’t recommend this basketball hoop for professional players.

If you are a skillful player, We suggest you to go with Silverback NXT 54″, which we have described above because it comes with a much better-built quality.

  • It is good for beginners
  • It includes a mounting kit and a 5″ basketball ball
  • You can attach this basketball hoop in indoors or outdoors
  • Breakaway steel rim
  • This backboard does not give good rebounding against basketball

3. Spalding 52″ Acrylic Basketball Hoop

9.3/10 Our Score
  • Backboard Material: Acrylic
  • Rim Material: Pro Slam Breakaway Rim
  • Backboard Dimension: 52 x 32 inches

If you want to play basketball in your home like a professional basketball player. Then, this basketball hoop is for you because the backboard and the rim of this hoop are completely made according to the rules and regulations of the NBA and NCAA.

If you want to play basketball in your home like a professional basketball player. Then, this basketball hoop is for you because the backboard and the rim of this hoop are completely made according to the rules and regulations of the NBA and NCAA.

There is a logo of NBA on its backboard, which gives it a professional look. There are two versions of this basketball hoop. So, you can buy whatever you need, but there is not much difference in both versions.

This is the weather-resistant basketball hoop which indicates that you can either use this hoop indoors or outdoors. You don’t need to buy a mounting hardware kit separately because it comes with it. It can mount on- roofs or walls. This basketball hoop has a weather-resistant nylon net.

The backboard of this basketball hoop comes in two sizes which are 52″ and 54″. So, you can buy the basketball hoop size according to the space condition of your place. Its height is about 32″. The thickness of backboard is ¼”, indicating that this hoop has an unbreakable backboard.

It has an acrylic backboard which gives great rebounding to the basketball as compared to polycarbonate materials. The pro-slam breakaway rim makes this basketball hoop awesome for practicing dunk shots. The frame of the backboard is made up of solid steel, which makes it stable and durable.  

To be honest, it is a great basketball hoop for professional players as well as for beginners for practicing dunk shots because it comes with the pro-slam breakaway rim. 

  • It has a 52″ or 54″ acrylic backboard
  • It is a weather-resistant basketball hoop
  • The rim and its frame is rust-resistant
  • There is a breakaway rim in this hoop which helps to improve your dunk shots
  • Easy for mounting on the roof and the wall
  • Its price is a bit more
  • It is not durable enough

4. CEGOUFUN Electronic Basketball Hoop

More Features
9.1/10 Our Score
  • Backboard Material: Polycarbonate
  • Rim Material: Breakaway steel Rim
  • Backboard Dimension: 17 x 10.4 inches

If you’re looking for an advanced style with more features and a less budget basketball hoop for kids, teenagers, and adults. So, you are in the exact place because that’s the hoop we’re going to talk about, fulfilling all requirements which we are written above

Cegoufun Basketball Hoop comes with an infrared sensor counter to check on the number of goals.

It also produces a good sound when a goal is score, which may excite the children and develop the interest of children in playing basketballs. This basketball hoop is an ideal gift for kids and teenagers.

It is very easy to install even no special tools are require for its installation. It also allows the children to practice their shots to become professional players. You can mount this hoop in your rooms, office, hall, garage, or roof.

Its backboard is made with good material, which prevents it from breaking. The height and width of its backboard is 17″ x 10.4″. Its backboard gives great resistance against bending.

Its set also includes mounting hardware, three rubber basketballs balls, and an air pump. The thick foam pads on the backboard and frame protect your doors and walls from damage. This foam also helps to reduce the noise.

This basketball hoop features a durable iron rim that can bounce back to its original position. Its rims come with 9″ of diameter. Its nylon net comes in three colors which gives it a superior look.

According to our opinion, this is a great basketball hoop for practicing basketball and taking your game to the next level.

  • It comes with an electronic audio counter
  • The price of this basketball hoop is reasonable with more features
  • It is a durable basketball hoop
  • There is a thick foam pad on its backboard and brackets
  • It is a great gift for kids and teenagers
  • It comes in a small size

5. Spalding 44″ Molded Basketball HOOP

8.9/10 Our Score
  • Backboard Material: Molded Eco-Composite
  • Rim Material: Classic Rim
  • Backboard Dimension: 44 x 29 inches

If you are looking for an large basketball hoop in less budget. So, the basketball hoop we are just starting to describe is for you.

You can fix this hoop inside or outside of your home. But we suggest to you that fix this hoop on your roof or in your backyard because it comes in large size.

This basketball hoop comes in two categories, so you buy the hoop whatever you like. The mounting kit does not come with it; you have to buy it separately. 

The dimensions of the backboard of this hoop are about 44″ x 29″. The substance of the backboard is made with molded material which is not suitable for the rebounding of the basketballs. The rim of this hoop is classic, which gives superior stability as well as durability.

If you have a budget and want to buy a good-built- quality basketball hoop. So, we recommend that you can go with Silverback NXT 54″ which we have described at no.1. 

Overall, you can buy this basketball hoop if you have less budget or need a basketball hoop for children. If you really don’t know which basketball hoop is suitable for your home, you can check out our buying guide here

  • It comes at low price 
  • Medium size backboard
  • Best for children
  • Stable and Durable Basketball hoop
  • This basketball hoop is not for skillful players

6. Silverback Junior 33″ Basketball Hoop 

9.2/10 Our Score
  • Backboard Material: Acrylic
  • Rim Material: Breakaway steel Rim
  • Backboard Dimension: 33 x 23.5 inches

You can play anytime and anywhere with Silverback Junior 33″ Basketball Hoop. This basketball has a lock n rock technology which means that you can play basketball anywhere because it can be mounted easily at any place quickly.

It can easily fix at most round and square vertical poles with a width of 3 inches to 6 inches. Silverback is a well-known, irreproachable and honorable company. This company makes almost all types of hoops with great built quality.

Silverback 33″ basketball hoop is a junior basketball hoop because of its small backboard. You can attach this basketball hoop with the tree, pole, or with any pillar which is at least 3 inches in size and not more than 6″.

This set includes a backboard, rim, lock n rock system, 7″ basketball, air pump, and needle. Its assembling is uncomplicated, as it requires only 20 minutes to assemble completely but once it is completed, play and enjoy the basketball.  

Now let’s talk about its size; its backboard has a size of 33″ x 23.5″, which is pretty good for kids, beginners, and adults. The backboard of this hoop is made with acrylic material, which is better than polycarbonate. Its backboard has a logo on it, which gives it a premium look. You can also fix it to any height.

This basketball hoop has a spring-action breakaway rim that protects a player and a backboard. Its rim has a size of 15 inches. You can fold its rim easily, and it doesn’t have to weigh much which means that this basketball hoop is highly portable. 

In general, this is one of the basketball hoops which has great built quality in less budget. This hoop is perfect for kids, teenagers, and adults because you can fix this basketball hoop anywhere according to their height. If you are a professional player, you can buy Silverback NXT 54″, which we have described above. 

  • You can attach this hoop anywhere
  • Easy to install
  • It comes in a decent size
  • Its price is low considering its quality and features 
  • It has a foldable breakaway rim 
  • This basketball hoop is not good for expert players because of its small size

7. Roof-Master III Basketball System

Premium Pick
9.6/10 Our Score
  • Backboard Material: Acrylic
  • Rim Material: Breakaway steel Rim
  • Backboard Dimension: 54 x 36 inches

If you are looking for a luxurious and stylish roof-mounted basketball hoop, a Roof-master lll basketball hoop is best for you.

The roof-master lll basketball hoop comes with a height adjustment mechanism. So you can easily adjust it from 6 feet to 10 feet by rotating the crank actuator.

This basketball hoop is slightly complicated to install, but you and your partner can simply mount it in less than 2 hours. This basketball hoop is too pricey because of its top-class features. You can fix it on the wall as well as on a sloped roof. 

If we talk about the width of its backboard, it is about 54 inches, and its height is approximately 36 inches. Its backboard is made up of acrylic material with a thickness of 1/2″. The acrylic backboard is pretty good at rebounding as compared to the polycarbonate material.

This basketball hoop comes with a heavy-duty breakaway rim with a double-covered compressional spring that flexes under pressure during dunk or layups. The distance between the backboard of the basketball hoop and the wall is about 3 feet, making it more stable, durable, and reliable. 

At last, the roof-master basketball is for more serious players who don’t want to go to the basketball gym.

If you’re going to buy the budget-friendly basketball hoop with more features then, we highly suggest you buy Silverback NXT 54″ basketball hoop that we have described at no.1.

  • It comes with an acrylic backboard with a thickness of 1/2″
  • Its overhang is about 3 feet
  • Very stable even when the basketball hit to backboard
  • Covered double compressional breakaway rim
  • Durable built quality
  • It can be mounted on the v-shaped roof or wall
  • This basketball is too pricey
  • Not come with tempered glass backboard even in this price range



You’re probably thinking that after buying a basketball hoop, you mount it on the roof. But you must bear this thing in mind that the height of your roof should not be more than 10 feet.

Most of the top-mounted basketball hoops are also mounted on the wall. So, we highly suggest you mount the basketball hoop on your wall at the height of 10 or 9 feet. 

However, if you plan to mount the basketball hoop on the roof, your roof must not be made with tile or metal because it contains slants.

You also have to keep this thing in mind that there is enough play area where you plan to mount the basketball hoop to get more fun while playing.

Size of the roof-mounted backboard

The size of a backboard depends on the size of the court where you play. The 48 inches and 54 inches basketball hoop is too small for more serious players.

If you are a professional player and want to play at home, we recommend you go with 60 inches or 72 inches backboard because the bigger backboard size allows you to throw a basketball ball from a narrow angle.

Quality of the backboard

The roof-mounted basketball hoop mostly comes with an acrylic or polycarbonate backboard. Tempered glass backboard is very rare in-wall or ceiling-mounted basketball hoops. So, we will discuss in detail the polycarbonate and acrylic backboard below: –

Polycarbonate Backboard

You can say that polycarbonate is the fancy name of plastic that teenagers and beginner players mostly use. This backboard is the cheapest option for the buyer.

The most significant advantage of polycarbonate backboard is that it is almost indestructible. The polycarbonate backboard is also the best option for you if you want to buy a basic level backboard that comes at a low price and lasts for years so, we recommend you buy a polycarbonate backboard.

Moreover, polycarbonate backboard gives the least quality of rebounding. Polycarbonate is a transparent material, so it turns yellow when exposed to UV rays for a while.

Acrylic Backboard     

Acrylic material is another form of plastic. It has a pretty good quality of rebounding as compared to the polycarbonate materials. The better transparency in the acrylic backboard gives you a pro look.

Unluckily, acrylic is a softer material so, it can easily get scratches when any sharp object collides with it. The acrylic backboard is a bit more expensive than the polycarbonate backboard, but it also gives you more durability in its built quality.

The rim of roof mounted basketball hoop.

The roof-mounted basketball hoop mostly comes in two categories which are standard rim and pro style breakaway rim.

Standard rim          

If we talk about the standard rim, so classic rim is directly attached to the backboard with the help of nut and bolts. It is sturdier and strong, which means that there is no flexibility in these rims. So, it may severly injure or tear your hands when you play the dunk shots or layups.

The standard rim is especially for beginner players who cannot dunk. This rim also comes at a low price as compared to the breakaway rim.

Pro-style Breakaway Rim

The pro-style breakaway rim is equipped with a compressional spring that flexes under pressure during dunks or layups.

Some basketball rims come with the covered compressional spring, so that, there springs cannot get rust. And some basketball hoops come with uncovered compressional spring, so there is a chance of getting rust by the springs.

The pro-style breakaway rim is a bit more expensive than standard, but you will be able to play dunk shots and layups after buying. 

Assembly of a roof-mounted basketball hoop

Assembling the roof-mounted basketball hoop is very easy as compared to the in-ground basketball hoop.

If you want to know about installing a basketball hoop on a wall or roof, visit our detailed article How to install basketball hoop on the garage wall. So, you can easily attach it after reviewing this article.


Q 1. Why did we choose the roof-mounted basketball hoop?

Answer. There are many reasons by which we prefer the roof-mounted basketball hoop more: –

  • The roof-mounted basketball hoop covers less space.
  • These types of basketball are more stable because they attach to the wall
  • Ceiling mounted basketball hoops are more stable and durable
  • Roof-mounted basketball hoops are uncomplicated to assemble and install as compared to the in-ground basketball hoop

Q 2. How strong is the NBA rim?

Answer. The rim of the NBA is strong enough that it can endurance 210 pounds of weight without any instability. Moreover, many NBA court changed their rim; that new rim comes with the 180-degree breakaway.

Q 3. How do you buy a roof-mounted basketball hoop?

Answer. This one is a good method if you read the full product review, check its backboard size and material, check the quality of the rim, check its stability and its durability. If you don’t know how to buy the roof-mounted basketball hoop, you can read the buying guide that we have described above.

Q 4. What do you mean by breakaway rim?

Answer. A breakaway rim is equipped with a spring. Some rims come with a single compressional spring, and some breakaway rims are fitted with double compressional spring. This is a basketball rim that professional players can choose because this type of rim flexes under pressure and can endurance the dunk shots and layups.

Q 5. How do I keep away my roof-mounted basketball hoop away from rusting?

Answer. Clean the steel area with a damp cloth where rust can occur. Then apply the two coats of rust preventative; after using these steps, you must paint that area. 

If you don’t want to paint the surface, then galvanizing or electroplating is the best method for keeping away the rust from the steel frame. 

Q 6. Are roof mounted basketball hoops legal?

A roof mounted basketball hoop is legal in most states. Check with your local municipality to be sure. If you live in a condo, check with your condo association to see if they allow the use of a roof mounted basketball hoop.

If you live in a townhome, check with your HOA before installing the basketball hoop on top of your garage or driveway.

Q 7. What are the best roof basket hoops for the money?

  • Make sure it’s sturdy. The last thing you want is a hoop that can’t stand up to your game! Look for one that has a solid base and is made of material that will hold up to the weather, such as steel or aluminum. If you’re installing the basket outside, make sure it won’t rust over time.
  • Get a good height adjustment system. Whether you’re playing with friends or just shooting around by yourself, it’s important that you can adjust your shot height so as not to strain yourself when taking shots from above your head (or below).
  • Consider size of your yard. If there’s not much room in front of your house where everyone could play at once then consider an adjustable height option so everyone can play comfortably on their own level without having to move around too much!

Q 8. Are roof mounted basketball hoops strong enough to dunk on?

It’s true that there are some hoops that aren’t strong enough to dunk on. Most of the time, you can find out what kind of hoop is best for you by checking the weight rating and maximum height of your hoop.

The higher the weight rating, the stronger it will be, so if you’re looking for a temporary or permanent basketball hoop that can withstand some serious playtime then look for one with a high weight rating.

The maximum height of your hoop is also important because if it’s too tall and you try to dunk on it… well… let’s just say we don’t want to see what happens next!

Q 9. How do you install a roof mounted basketball hoop?

  • Use a ladder to access the roof.
  • Install the hoop on top of your roof.
  • Attach the net with bungee cords or rope to keep it in place. Make sure it is sturdy enough to hold up against windy conditions and high winds, especially if you live in an area where hurricanes are common (like Florida).
  • Check to make sure that your basketball hoop is stable by shaking it from side to side and front and back, checking for any movement from left to right or up and down respectively. If there is any swaying at all then tighten down the screws until there is no longer any wobbling from side-to-side or front-to-back movements. The hoop should be firmly secured onto your house’s rafters without much movement at all!

Q10. How long will it take to install my new Roof Mounted Hoop?

If you want to install a roof mounted basketball hoop, it’s going to take a little bit of time. The installation process is pretty straightforward and there are only a few steps that you’ll need to complete.

The first step is going to be measuring your driveway or patio so that you know exactly where the best place would be for this hoop. This will ensure that it’s installed in an area where it won’t get damaged by cars or any other obstacles and that it’s not in the way of people walking around your home.

Once you’ve found the perfect spot for your new hoop, you’ll want to assemble it so that it’s ready for use. This should take less than 30 minutes and requires only a few tools and basic knowledge of how basketball hoops work.

After assembling your hoop, the final step is installing the backboard onto the pole using brackets and screws provided by manufacturer or retailer. This should also take less than 30 minutes as long as all parts are included with purchase and instructions are clear enough for anyone who has never installed a basketball backboard before.


Before buying a roof-mounted or wall-mounted basketball hoop, make sure that you have selected the perfect place for fixing it.

Silverback NXT 54″ is a wonderful basketball hoop because of its budget-friendly price, built quality, stability, and its sturdiness. This basketball is recommended for beginner players, adults, and even professional players who can play with it. 

Having a roof or wall-mounted basketball hoop in your home is good because you can practice your different shots such as dunk shots, long throws, three-point line throws, and layups. 

But our special point for you is that, before buying any basketball hoop, make sure that you have to buy the durable and strong frame basketball hoop to get more enjoyment and entertainment by practicing different types of shots without any worry.

The harder you practice, the better you get.

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