How Much Does A Backyard Basketball Court Cost – Super Detail Guide 2023

How Much Does A Backyard Basketball Court Cost? The most asking question by those people who want to install an in-ground basketball hoop in their backyard or driveway.

If you build the half-court in your home’s backyard or driveway, it may cost you from $19000 to $30000, but if you want to build the full basketball court in your home, then the cost comes on it is about $38000 to $55000. However, the price may vary from region to region. 

The total cost depends on you, that which type of basketball hoop you install; we only give you an estimate for that. The better is the basketball court, the more it costs. Some in-ground basketball hoops comes with good quality and some of them comes with compromised quality.

When you go to the basketball gym for playing basketball. You can’t really get the full enjoyment with that basketball hoop which means that you have to install a basketball hoop in your driveway or backyard.

If you’re going to buy a basketball hoop for your home, we highly recommend you to install an in-ground basketball hoop in your driveway or backyard. However, It costs a bit more than a portable basketball hoop, but it gives you pleasure and enjoyment for a long time; it makes your game more realistic as same as in NBA.

Let’s start the article and discuss in detail that how much cost is required for your dream basketball court.

Backyard Size

The size of the basketball court is one of the biggest factors on which the whole price depends. A full court will cost twice than a half-court since most people don’t have enough money or space to install a full-size basketball court.

However, the dimension of a full-size court is about 94 x 50 feet. So, it means that the size for the half-court is approximately 47 x 50 feet.

Moreover, most people do not have this type of space in their backyard. So, we recommend them to build a half-court because it is a suitable size for kids and adults to play basketball at home.

Cost on concrete

For half-court:- $9500 to $16500

For full-court:- $19000 to $33000

cost on concrete

Leveling the basketball court with concrete is the most expensive part while installing a basketball hoop. Unluckily, most of the backyards of our home have uneven, rough, and stony ground. That’s why leveling is must require before making a basketball court, if you don’t level it, it will bother you when you dribble a basketball.

If you level the base of your backyard, the cost of a concrete slab is from $4 to $7 per square foot. However, if we calculate the half-court, which is 47 x 50 feet, its cost will range from $9500 to $16500.

Moreover, if we talk about the court, whose dimension is 94 x 50 feet, it will cost $19000 to $33000. This price range is also depends on that “how your property is like.”

Generally, when concrete is clogged with rebar so the thickness of the ground increases by 4 inches. Once you get done this work then, your irregular surface changes into a plain surface. 

Cost on the playing surface

Cost on Versa-Court for:- $8000 to $15000

cost on placing surface
Playing Surface

If you don’t have more budget then, we highly recommend you that, do not spend your money on this. But if you want to play basketball in more realistic environment, so you should have to do this.

After leveling the ground with the concrete, the surface is slightly rough, and there are a lot of concerns about that; as it will cause injury when you fall while playing basketball. However, once your ground is ready with concrete, you have to cover the concrete surface. There are so many options for the covering of the concrete. However, the most popular cover includes Versa Court.

The versa court is made up of pieces of tiles. The size of each tile is about 25cm x 73cm. If we discuss its cost for half-court, it will range from $8000 to $10000, and if we examine the price for the full court, then it will be $12000 to $15000.

If you install such tiles in your backyard, then your backyard gives you more realistic look, and your kids can play safely on that surface. This type of surface offers a great dribble to the basketball. You can also customize the tiles by asking them, through which you can allow them to customize the tile with a logo of any team and or make a shape of a basketball. However, they will also charge for it separately.

This type of court makes your backyard more great-looking. It also makes the surface smooth and increases the level of grip. By which there are zero chances of injury on your knees and ankles even you slip or fall.

Cost of the basketball hoop

Basketball hoop:- $500 to $3000

Cost on basketball hoop
Basketball hoop

We hope that, if you are spending thousands of dollars on your backyard, so you cannot buy a cheap quality basketball hoop;

however, if you want to buy an in-ground basketball hoop. You can visit this article,Best In-Ground Basketball Hoopand if you’re going to buy a portable basketball. You can also check out this article, “Best Portable Basketball Hoop.” 

Cost on the mounting of the Basketball Hoop

Price of mounting basketball hoop:- $450 to $700

cost on mounting of basketball hoop
Mounting of In-ground Basketball Hoop

If you mount an in-ground basketball hoop in your backyard or driveway, then, off-course, it will require a cost for its mounting. The average price of assembling the in-ground basketball hoop is about $450 to $700. It is a complete budget for labor, material, concrete, or any other extra thing that is included during the basketball hoop mounting. About $50 to $100 cost for concrete, $100 to $200 cost for the anchor kit, and the rest for the laborers.

Cost on dimensions and marking of the basketball court

Cost:- $10 to $50

cost of markings of basketball court
Markings of Basketball Court

The most inexpensive part while making the basketball court in the backyard is the dimensions and marking of the basketball court. It costs about $10 to $50. You can also do this work on your own.

If you have a basic DIY skill, then you can easily do this job. There is our complete article on the dimensions and markings of the basketball court.” If you don’t know about the dimensions of the basketball court then, you can visit our, that article.

Cost on lighting of the basketball court

Cost on lighting:- $400 to $1500

cost on lighting
Lighting of Basketball Court

However, lighting the basketball court is an inexpensive and also an unimportant thing, but it makes your ground more great-looking and clear-sighted. For the half-court, 4 LED floodlight is enough.

If we talk about the wattage then, the 250W is good for making your basketball court bright. If we buy 4 LED lights of 250W, its cost will fall between $400 to $1500 depending on the quality of the lights. Lighting in the basketball court makes it easy for you to play basketball with your friends and families at night. After all, nothing is best then, playing basketball at night.

Cost on the netting of the basketball court

Netting cost:- $7 to $20 per sq. Foot

cost on netting
Netting of Basketball Court

Although netting of the basketball court is not so much important, however, it is because of safety purposes and also for giving a more realistic look to your basketball court.

The cost of netting depends on the size of your basketball court or how much height you want to net. However, the normal height for netting is 7 feet. The cost for netting of a basketball court falls from $7 to $20per sq. Foot. 

Total cost on the basketball court

For half court:- $19000 to $30000

For full court:- $38000 to $55000

total price of basketball court
Total Price

When your court is completed, if you have a half-court, its price range may fall from $19000 to $30000, and if you are making a full basketball court, its total cost ranges from $38000 to $50000.

However, it is only an estimated cost; their price may vary from region to region. This type of basketball court makes your backyard awesome-looking, and your kids can play with their friends with more pleasure and enjoyment. 


Q 1. How much does a kid basketball cost?

Answer: – Generally, if you buy a cheap quality portable basketball hoop for kids, it may cost around $100. However, if you want to go step up in the quality of the basketball hoop then, it may cost you about $300 to $600

Q 2. What should I look while buying a basketball hoop?

Answer: – 

  • Firstly, you have to check its durability
  • Secondly, check its stability
  • Check the quality of the backboard, rim, and pole
  • Check the quality of the base
  • Its range of stability

Q 3. What size basketball should we buy? 

Answer: If you need to buy a basketball hoop, we highly recommend you to purchase an adjustable basketball hoop because it is best for all ages. However, if your age is 16+ then, 10 feet height basketball hoop can fulfill all your requirements. If you are talking about the size of the backboard so, 60 inches backboard is more than enough for your home. With this backboard size, you can easily play shots from narrow angles.

Q 4. How much time require to install an in-ground basketball hoop?

Answer: – If you are installing an in-ground basketball hoop, at least 2 to 3 days require you to fasten it completely. 

Q 5. Does a basketball court add value to the home?

Answer: – The studies proved that if you make a well-landscaped yard in your home, such as a basketball court, swimming pool, etc., it increases about 12 percent value of your home.

Q 6. How deep should an in-ground basketball in into the ground?

Answer: – If you want awesome stability then, we recommend you that mount the in-ground basketball hoop with a depth of 24 to 30 inches

Q 7. Are chain basketball nets good?

Answer: – The chain basketball net is better as compared to the nylon net if it is made with galvanized stainless steel. The chain basketball net is more long-lasting and durable if we compare it with the nylon net.

Q 8. What is the advantage of the basketball net while playing basketball?

Answer: Basketball net plays a very important role in playing basketball. Firstly, it makes it easy for the player to keep the focus on the basketball rim. Secondly, when the basketball ball passes through the rim, it slows up the ball to prevent a player from injury.

Q 9. Why do basketball nets do breaks?

Answer: The main reason for breaking the basketball net is slam dunks because, during slam dunks, the basketball passes through the hoop with sufficient speed, making the basketball net break. However, if you want to replace your basketball net with a new net, so you can get the detail guidance about that by clicking here.

Q 10. What is the best basketball system?

Answer: – According to our experience as well as research, the best basketball hoop is: –

  1. Golrilla is an overall best in-ground basketball hoop
  2. Spalding ‘The beast’ is a best portable basketball hoop
  3. Silverback NXT 54” is the best and reasonable wall-mounted basketball hoop.
  4. SKLZ is one of the awesome mini basketball hoops 
  5. If we talk about the poolside basketball hoop then, we highly recommend you to buy Go-Sports Splash 360 basketball hoop
  6. If you want a basketball hoop for trampoline then, we highly suggest you go with a Jump Slammer trampoline basketball hoop

Q11: How much does it cost to build a backyard basketball court?

A: The cost to build a backyard basketball court can vary widely depending on various factors such as size, surface type, location, and additional features. On average, a basic, standard-sized concrete court can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000, while more elaborate setups can cost upwards of $50,000.

Q12: What factors influence the cost of building a backyard basketball court?

A: Some of the factors that influence the cost of building a backyard basketball court include:

  • Size of the court: Larger courts will cost more to build.
  • Surface type: Options include concrete, asphalt, modular tiles, and synthetic turf. Concrete is the most expensive surface type, while modular tiles and synthetic turf tend to be more budget-friendly.
  • Location: Installation costs may be higher in areas with difficult access or challenging terrain.
  • Additional features: Options such as lighting, fencing, netting, and amenities like a pavilion or seating area can all add to the overall cost.

Q13: Is it cheaper to build a basketball court or to buy a portable one?

A: It can be cheaper to buy a portable basketball hoop and court compared to building a permanent one. Portable setups typically range in price from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, while a permanent court can cost tens of thousands of dollars. However, a permanent court offers more versatility, durability, and a larger playing surface.

Q14: Are there any financing options available for building a backyard basketball court?

A: Yes, there are financing options available for building a backyard basketball court. Home improvement loans and personal loans are popular options, as well as using a home equity loan or line of credit. Additionally, some contractors may offer financing options. It is important to shop around and compare rates to find the best financing option for your needs.


Now all is done; however, the basketball court in the backyard costs more, but it is best for you to play basketball at home. Making a basketball court can take at least 20 to 30 days for its completion.

The advantage of making the basketball court in your home is that, if you make a well-landscaped yard in your home, it increases about 12 percent value of your house. If you install an in-ground basketball hoop, it also gives you same to same arena-style look. There is no greater source of happiness for kids if you make a basketball court in your backyard.

We hope that you understand all the terms which we have described above. 

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