How to dribble between the legs in basketball – Ultimate Guide

How to dribble between the legs in basketball is the most asked question from newbies and intermediate basketball players on the Facebook page. That’s why here we will give you its answer in detail so that they can perfectly understand this term.

In sport with so many different variants, there are an endless number of ways to dribble the basketball and perform tricks. One of the most complex and often seen moves requires a player dribbling between their legs.

This task requires careful balance and coordination and a degree of flexibility from your wrist to be able to complete this type of motion. It also helps with long arms because it will allow you more room for error when trying this type of maneuvering.

Dribbling the Ball

Dribbling the Ball

Though the move called for in this task is relatively tricky, you don’t need to be a basketball star to do it. An excellent place to start is when you’re simply dribbling the ball towards the basket; try dribbling with one hand and keeping your free hand at your waist in preparation for when you would attempt this type of maneuver.

You can start slow and try going between your legs on both sides, making sure that your head doesn’t go through the legs, as this will make it much harder.

Crouch down low

At this point, you should be in a four-point stance. You need to be able to get low enough to keep the ball from hitting your head as you go through your legs. Make sure that you hold the ball with both hands and hold it close to your chest.

Some people like to hold it close so they can go between their legs faster, while others like to hold it out more so they can dribble in front of them while they go between their legs. Either way, make sure you have a good grip on the ball because if it slips out of one of your hands while going between your knees, you could hurt yourself or worse.

Raise your head

When you’re ready, take a step forward as you look towards the basket. You will be dribbling the ball towards your right and going behind your back with it. When that happens, bring the ball up over your head, so it is now in front of you.

After doing this, go back behind yourself again and bring the ball up and through one of your legs when the ball is near your hip. It would help if you did this by stepping forward with your left leg and going from your right leg towards your left.

After you have gone through one of your legs, you can bring the ball down in front of you and dribble it on the opposite side again. Then, go back behind yourself and between both legs until you get to where you started.

Stand on the balls of your feet

 This time, it would help if you were going from the left leg to your right leg. Standing on the balls of your feet should help you move quickly and in rhythm with the ball.

Dribble around one side a few times to get used to doing it first, but try not to stay too long on one side because it will make it harder for you when you go between your legs.

Don’t lose balance

When going between your legs, don’t lose balance, as this will cause the ball to hit both of your legs instead of where it hopefully should go through the middle if they are open enough.

Also, it will cause the ball to go out of your hands, which means a loss of control and a turnover. Falling is also likely to happen if you lose balance.

Don’t let the ball go between your legs

After you have gone through both legs, bring the ball in front of you and dribble it using both hands again. This can be hard at first, especially if you are too slow and the ball slips through the legs. There should be little to no change in rhythm or speed when going between your legs if done correctly.

Bounce the basketball in place

This step can be used as a warm-up or having trouble going between your legs. If you have been dribbling the ball with one hand, dribble it with both hands and bounce it in place with the pads of your fingers.

Make sure that you don’t bring the ball too low, or else you’ll hit your fingers when trying to go behind yourself. Make sure that each leg is even and that they don’t go through first one way then the other so you can keep good balance throughout the attempt.

Match the basketball speed

If you are having trouble going between your legs when dribbling the ball, it could be because you are trying to do it too fast. It would help if you dribbled the ball at a speed that matches your own pace and not with one that matches your opponent.

If you’re too fast, you will most likely lose control of the ball and fall as a result. This is particularly true if you had never tried to go between your legs before or have only done it once or twice before and were unsuccessful.

Dribble faster towards the end

If you have trouble going between your legs with the ball, try speeding up towards the end of every pass. Not only this make it easier for you to go between your legs, but it will also make it easier for you to slow down and turn around so that you can set up an easy lay-up or dunk.

Finding a balance means that your partner’s speed in a pass is diminished partially because they have to move faster when they get there. This will help them go through their legs easier and help you to build confidence in doing that type of maneuver.

Use enough force

When dribbling the ball, use enough force to bounce it at knee height. It is essential to reach this height because if you’re not bouncing the ball this high, it can lead to you losing control and crashing into somebody or something.

If done correctly, you should go between your legs without a problem using this method. The key is that you want the ball to bounce around knee level when dribbling it.

Don’t dribble the ball When

When dribbling the ball, try not to go too fast. If you are trying too hard and going too fast, it will most likely lead to losing your balance and falling. It can also cause the ball to bounce around a lot, which can get away from you at times.

This can put a good amount of pressure on your dribbling or passing ability because now you are the one who is running after the ball with one goal in mind, rather than being patient and using your senses to catch the ball.

Don’t focus on possible injuries

Although it is essential to learn proper dribbling techniques, you should not exclude some of the other aspects of basketball, such as defense and passing.

These lead to important aspects of offensive and defensive play that can help you to earn more points and help your team. Instead, focus on just one area at a time and work to get as good as you possibly can at it.

Games to Play

While practicing this skill with a group of players, it is good to have several players with the same number of attempts.

Divide up into groups with similar numbers and have them take turns going through their legs as many times as they are able. The player who accomplishes this feat the most will win after each team has tried

Keep it Slow

The best way to learn how to dribble between your legs at a steady pace is by starting slowly and making sure that your arm isn’t coming up too high or too low while you try this. This is when common sense comes in handy:

if you have someone who is shooting the ball, don’t try to go between the legs right as they’re shooting, or else they’ll block your shot. You may want to start shooting alone so that you can get used to the speed without any interference from teammates. Keep practicing until you get a feel for the timing of the dribble, and then you can start trying it at a faster pace.

Dribble Up and Down

As well as going between your legs, it is essential to go up and down the court at a steady pace. This is especially true if you are playing offense or defense; you won’t be able to keep up with the other team if you are getting tired from running after them all the time.

You may want to practice this skill at different speeds, too; keep trying out different speeds until you find one that feels comfortable for you.

Practice Makes Perfect

This maneuver can be complicated for some players because the timing needed to go between your legs always seems like it’s an inch away.

Skills like this are meant to be practiced, so it’s a good idea to continue at least every other day and maybe even more often if you feel like you’re getting better.

You may also want to keep your stamina up by going for either a brisk walk or doing some light exercises after practice.

Control the ball

If you are doing this maneuver correctly, there is no way for your opponent to get the ball back from you.

However, if you lose control of the ball and fall, they can get it back. This means that if they are good at either shooting or passing, they can exploit your lack of skills to take control and score on a quick lay-up or dunk.

That’s why, this makes it essential that while going between your legs, you always have the complete control so that they cannot get the basketball back.

Lay-ups and dunks should be practiced alone

Dribbling the ball between your legs is an important skill of basketball that allows you to get around other players and score on an easy lay-up or dunk. It is a fundamental skill that every basketball player should learn, but it also requires practice time to use it in everyday situations.

The more you practice this maneuver, the better you will become and are likely to use it regularly in games. This can help you to gain points and help your team to win games because of your increased skills.

Because of this, it’s essential that lots of practice sessions are scheduled and that going between the legs is taught during all practices to master this skill completely.

Frequently Asked Question (How to dribble between the legs in basketball)

How do you stop a ball off the dribble?

You can stop the ball with your hand, chest, thigh or knee. The best way to do this is to use your dominant hand (left or right) and get low. You should also try to keep your arm straight so you don’t foul someone else. If you’re playing in an organized game and want more control over where you’re dribbling the ball (if there’s a defender on you), then use both hands instead of just one!

Can you dribble with your head down in basketball?

Yes, you can dribble with your head down. But you should never look at the ball!

When you look at the ball, it will draw your attention away from what’s going on around you and make it harder for you to see where the players are positioned. You should focus on the floor in front of and around your feet instead of staring at something that is already in close proximity.

If you need a good example of someone who does this well, watch Kyrie Irving on any given night during an NBA game—he’ll do just fine with his head down!

Is it better to shoot with one hand or two in basketball?

It’s more difficult to shoot with one hand than with two. You can get a decent shot off with your non-dominant hand, but it’s not as smooth or accurate as it would be if you were using both hands at once. This is especially true when there are defenders on your back who are trying to block your shots or steal the ball away from you.

What are the rules of the pivot foot in basketball?

The pivot foot is the same as your lead foot, or the foot you’re using to take steps during the dribble. When you’re dribbling, you can’t bring your pivot foot off the ground and you have to keep it in contact with the court at all times. You also can’t shoot or pass with your pivot foot.

The other important rule is that you can use either foot to pivot: if one side of the basket has fewer defenders and looks more open, then that’s where you want to go. The key thing here is knowing how many people are guarding each side of your body when deciding which direction it’s best to drive towards first—and second (and third).

Can you bring your pivot foot off the ground?

No, you may not lift your pivot foot off the ground. If you are in a stationary position and dribble between your legs while keeping your pivot foot on the ground, this is a traveling violation.

You must maintain control of the ball at all times while dribbling (including keeping one hand on the ball) and may not raise either hand above shoulder height. To keep yourself from travelling, simply continue bringing your feet back together as you move forward or drop to one knee if necessary.


The dribble between the legs is a great way to get around players. If you want to be an all-star on your basketball team, then you have to learn this skill properly. This will give you an edge against teams that don’t know how to use this skill and help you to get past even the most formidable defenses.

It is a fundamental skill that every basketball player should learn and should be practiced regularly to become good at the skill. When used properly, the dribbling between your legs in games gets around opponents and helps you to score with an easy lay-up or dunk.

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