How to Fix a Broken Basketball Backboard – 3 Step-by-Step Methods

How to fix a broken basketball backboard? A goal used for playing a basketball game is known as a basketball hoop.

If you want to fix the broken backboard of your basketball hoop. In that case, you have to apply the epoxy at the place from where the basketball gets cracked, use another piece of polycarbonate or acrylic sheet on it, grip the sheets, and wait until the epoxy gets dry.

There are three main parts of basketball hoop: the Backboard, Rim and pole. If any of its parts got damaged or cracked by uncertain circumstances, it spoils the pleasure of the whole game. 

In the same way, when the backboard of a basketball hoop gets broken then, it doesn’t make the game as enjoyable enough as it used to be.

Nowadays, there are different types of basketball hoops that make it easier for you to select the perfect one according to your budget, backyard or driveway space and much more.

In-Ground basketball hoops really upgrade the level of your game whereas you can use many of the portable basketball hoops in indoors or outdoors.

Furthermore, a Wall-mounted basketball hoop doesn’t need any space to mount, as it can be efficiently attached to any type of wall.


The backboard doesn’t crack in indoor games because, in indoor places, you cannot play aggressively. The cracking or damaging of the backboard especially happens in outdoor games when players play a game like a pro.

However, It is not the main cause of the cracking of backboard, as it also happens when your basketball system is too old or if any hard object such as stone, steel rod etc., hits the backboard. Weather and the environment also play an important role in cracking or damaging of the backboard. 

When your backboard gets broken, it doesn’t mean that you throw it away and buy a new basketball system because you can repair it on your own if you have some basic DIY skills. 

In this article, we will tell you in detail that, how you can fix a broken backboard at very low cost. So, let’s dive into the detail review and explain this topic thoroughly.

How to Fix a Broken Polycarbonate Backboard

However, polycarbonate backboard is a flexible material, which makes it shatterproof. Still, in case of any rigid object collides with the backboard, it may crack or damage it. That’s why here we will tell you in detail how you can fix it at a low price.

Polycarbonate material is not only use to make a backboard as it is also use to make many household or office products. If your polycarbonate backboard get cracked, and you don’t know how to repair it then, follow the steps written below.

Step no. 1: You have to buy a polycarbonate sheet to get rid of the shattered backboard.

Step No. 2: You have to simply apply epoxy to the cracked or damaged part of the backboard.

Step no. 3: Offently, epoxy is used as glue, and it helps to make the strong bonding between two materials.

Step no. 4: After applying the epoxy, you have to simply hold piece of polycarbonate sheet at the place from where the backboard broke.

Step no. 5: Grip the sheet tightly for at least 5 to 10 mins.

Step no. 6: Do not use the backboard for at least 2 to 3 days or until the epoxy is completely dry. Typically, epoxy takes 6 to 7 days to cure.

How to Fix a Broken Acrylic Backboard

Acrylic material is another crack-proof material, but it may damage because of two main reasons: when it gets too old or when any hard object like stone or steel rod collides with the backboard terribly.

Now, here we will also tell you that, how you can repair the damage acrylic backboard at no cost in a step-by-step form. So, let’s see.

Step no. 1: If your acrylic backboard gets only crack, it is straightforward to repair it. You have to use a silicone sealant to fill the crack and let it dry for at least 24 hours.

Step no. 2: However, if there is a hole at the center of the backboard and you want to repair it then, you require two 12 x 12 sheets of plexiglass (same as acrylic material) and acrylic glue.

Step no. 3: Apply the acrylic glue around the hole perfectly at both sides of the backboard (Front and back).

Step no. 4: Attach the one sheet of acrylic at the front of the backboard and attach another sheet at its back.

Step no. 5: Grip both sheets for 5 to 10 minutes or until both sheets completely attach with the backboard.

Step no. 6: Don’t play with that backboard for two days or until the acrylic glue is completely dry.

How to Fix A Broken Tempered Glass Backboard

Tempered glass rarely gets crack because it is a very stiff and shatterproof material. Tempered glass is about 10x stronger than any simple glass.

Here we will tell you in a step-by-step form that, how you can fix the crack of the tempered glass backboard at a low cost. But keep in mind that you can only fix the cracked tempered glass, as it may be challenging for you to repair the hole or repair the broken backboard.

Step no. 1: Clean the glass around the cracked part thoroughly with the help of dish soap. You’ve to remove oil spots, fingerprints, or dust and then wipe it out with a clean cloth.

Step no. 2: Apply epoxy at the crack of the glass; you can also use a putty knife to fill the crack perfectly.

Step no. 3: Remove the excess epoxy with the help of the blade and then clean the backboard again.

Step no. 4: Wait for at least 24 hours in order to dry the glue. However, epoxy takes about 6 to 7 days to dry.

Step no. 5: Once again, clean the tempered glass backboard with the help of a glass cleaner to make the look of the backboard new.

Step no. 6: Start enjoying the game with your friends and family members.

If you’re still confuse about the repairing of the basketball backboard then, you can also watch the video given below.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1. Can you replace just the backboard on a basketball hoop?

The answer to this question depends on what kind of backboard you have. If you have a standard hoop with steel tubing, then yes, you can replace just the backboard. However, if it’s a more expensive, pro-style hoop with an aluminum pole, then no, you cannot replace just the backboard.

The reason is that most pro-style hoops have a mounting bracket for the backboard that attaches to the pole and allows for easy removal of the board. This bracket is not removable from the pole without also removing all of its other components, which include some heavy-duty hardware.

Q2. Can you use plexiglass for a basketball backboard?

Yes, you can use plexiglass for a basketball backboard. Plexiglass is a hard plastic that is used in many things including car windows, doors and even shower enclosures. It is also used in sports applications such as baseball bats and hockey sticks.

Plexiglass is not as strong as tempered glass but it is much lighter and easier to install. It will also not break if hit from behind by a ball or player like tempered glass would do. Plexiglass does have it’s limitations though

The biggest issue with using plexiglass for a basketball backboard is that it scratches easily. If you have any children playing on the court, they may scratch the backboard with their fingers or other objects that may come into contact with it. This will make it look bad over time and could cause you to have to replace it sooner than later

Q3. Who was the first NBA player to shatter backboard?

The first NBA player to shatter a backboard was Darryl Dawkins. He shattered the backboard during an NBA game against the Houston Rockets on November 13, 1979.

Dawkins was a power forward for the Philadelphia 76ers and known for his dunking prowess. During his career, he had over 2,000 dunks and once broke two backboards in one game while playing in high school.

He shattered the glass with a slam-dunk during a game against Houston Rockets at the Spectrum in Philadelphia. The dunk was so powerful that fragments of broken glass injured one fan in attendance.


In this article, we make a detailed review that how you can repair or fix a broken backboard at a low price. However, any backboard rarely gets crack when the basketball hits the backboard, but still, you have to know how you can repair it in any emergency case. The backboard of the basketball hoop mostly cracks when they get too old.

There are 13 rules of playing basketball which was written by James Naismith in 1891; these 13 rules help beginner players to play the game more perfectly in future and fulfil their aims of becoming a part of the NBA team.

If you have still any queries regarding this topic, tell us in the below comment section without any hesitation.

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