How to hold a basketball – 7 Easy Steps

Holding a basketball is the main thing while shooting it. Some beginners asks question that, How to hold a basketball with one hand?

If you want to hold the basketball ball with one hand. However, The bigger hand will help you to grip the basketball ball more easily. You have to stretch your fingers longer and grip the basketball ball. Moreover, the way of gripping the basketball ball comes with practice.

How To Hold A Basketball While Shooting

Are you want to improve your shooting skills? If yes, first of all, you have to get the basic steps of shooting and then go for the professional steps. We will start this article with the basic steps and end it with some expertise steps.

So stay with us if you want to understand the professional gripping steps. Firstly, we will show you the easy steps of holding a basketball ball that a beginner player can understand with no difficulty. 

How To Grab A Basketball With One Hand?

We will tell you some necessary points below about upgrading your shooting skills by gripping a basketball with one hand. We will teach all the points step-by-step: – 

Keep eyes on the target

If you want to throw the ball in the accurate position, you have to keep your eyes on that target where you want to throw the basketball ball. 

Balance and stance

Step no. 1:- For balancing your body, your feet need to be shoulder-width apart

Step no. 2:- If you want to keep balance yourself while throw the ball, so, your throwing foot should be slightly forward than your non-throwing foot.

Step no. 3:- Slightly bend your knees for the perfect shooting 

Stable your hands

Step no. 1:- Keep your non-shooting hand at the side of the basketball ball

Step no. 2:- your non-shooting hand must leave the basketball first when you throw the basketball

Analyze your grip

Gripping a basketball with one hand is indeed challenging and complicated for starters. If you want to hold the basketball with one hand in the right way then, read the below steps.

Step no. 1:- Firstly, you have to spread your fingers wider; the bigger your hand’s size, it will be easier for you to hold a basketball. 

Step no. 2:- Try to stretch your fingers to get the perfect hold on the basketball.

Step no. 3:- The basketball ball should be sitting on your finger pads.


Step no. 1:- When you throw the basketball, it goes in the upright position

Step no. 2:- The position of your elbow should be under the basketball 

Step no. 3:- The hand you used to shoot the basketball should be in the direction of the rim or where ever you want to shoot

Pay attention to Up Force and landing

Step no. 1:- You should have to throw the ball before reaching to the top of the jump.

Step no. 2:- Up force means that force generated by your legs. So use it to the fullest.

Step no. 3:- You have to land in the same position from where you were jumping.


Step no. 1:- Your wrist should be floppy and relaxed

Step no. 2:- Your finger pads should be in the direction of the target

Step no. 3:- Keep seeing your throw until the ball hits the rim 

If you are still confused about gripping the basketball ball with one hand, so, you can also see the video that we have given below.

3 Strange ways to improve your grips


Q 1. How should your hand be while shooting the basketball?

Answer. The air valve of the basketball ball should be between the index and middle finger. After that, you have to leave the space between the ball and the palm as same the diameter of the pencil.

Q 2. What is an illegal dribble?

Answer. A dribble is considered illegal when you dribble a basketball in the same position for more than one time; this is known as a double dribble. However, there is another reason why the dribble is considered illegal, which is when you dribble a basketball with both hands.

Q 3. What is the easiest shot in basketball?

Answer. The jump shot is the easiest and most common shot in basketball. The jump shot can be set earlier, and it is difficult for the opponent player to stop this shot.

Q 4. Can you catch the basketball with two hands?

Answer. According to the 13 rules and regulations of the NBA, you can catch a basketball with two hands; this is also known as the two-handed method. In this method, you have to contact both hands to the ball simultaneously while catching it.

Q 5. What are the types of passes the basketball?

Answer. However, there are many types of passes in a basketball game. But we will write the most popular and common passes: –

  • Chest pass
  • Jump pass
  • Bounce pass
  • Overhead pass
  • Wrap around pass

Q 6. Is it legal when dribbling a basketball can lose control of it?

Answer. A player who has already dribbled the basketball and he loses control or accidentally drops the ball. After that, if the player again gets hold on it and starts dribbling, there is no violation of rules.

Q 7. Is it hard to grip a basketball with one hand?

Answer. Gripping the basketball ball with one hand may be difficult for the newbies. However, these type of things is learned slowly over time.

The bigger the size of your hand, the easier it is for you to grip the basketball with one hand whatever; the recommended size of hand for holding the basketball is about 7.5″ in length and approximately 8″ hand span. 

Q 8. What are the five main rules of playing basketball?


  1. Only five players should be in one team
  2. If you want to win the match then, you have to score more goals than your opponent
  3. Dribbling is important if the ball is in your control because you cannot take more than two footsteps without dribbling or passing the ball to any other player, otherwise it is known as the violation of the game called Traveling.
  4. If there are three consecutive fouls of one team then, one goal is added to the score of the opponent team as a reward.
  5. Double dribble on the same position is a violation of the basketball game rules
  6. The basketball ball must stay in inbounds
  7. Players cannot dribble the ball with the help of a fist because it is illegal according to the rules of basketball

Q 9. What is the best defense in basketball?

Answer. The person-to-person is one of the best and common defenses in playing basketball. You can also say it’s a man-to-man defense. This defense is famous because you can easily defend your opponent in any competition once you learn it.

Q 10. How can I improve my basketball IQ?

Answer. If you need to improve the level of your basketball IQ then, we recommend you watch more NBA and college basketball games and pick the players who play an awesome game and watch their videos more and more. You can’t only improve your basketball IQ by watching it; you should also practice it more and more with your friends and families. 

Q11. What is the proper way to hold a basketball?

Answer. The proper way to hold a basketball is to place the ball in the palm of your hand, using your fingers to grip it securely. You should spread your fingers out evenly around the ball, with your thumb and index finger forming a “V” shape on one side and your little finger forming a “V” shape on the other side. Your other fingers should wrap around the ball, providing additional support.

Q12. What is the significance of the “V” shape formed by the thumb and index finger?

Answer. The “V” shape formed by the thumb and index finger provides stability and control to your grip on the ball. This shape helps to distribute the weight of the ball evenly across your hand, reducing the risk of it slipping out of your grip.

Q13. Can the way you hold the ball affect your performance in basketball?

Answer. Yes, the way you hold the ball can greatly impact your performance in basketball. A proper grip on the ball can increase your control and accuracy, allowing you to make better shots and passes. On the other hand, if your grip is too loose, you may struggle to maintain control of the ball, which can lead to turnovers and missed shots.

Q14. Is it okay to hold the ball with only one hand?

Answer. It depends on the situation. Holding the ball with only one hand is acceptable for certain movements, such as dribbling, but for other activities, such as shooting, it’s better to use two hands for added stability.

Q15. Should I always grip the ball tightly?

Answer. No, you don’t have to grip the ball tightly all the time. In some situations, such as when you’re dribbling, it’s best to have a looser grip to allow for quick and nimble movements. However, in other situations, such as when you’re shooting or making a pass, it’s important to have a firmer grip for better control.

Q16. What are some common mistakes people make when holding a basketball?

Answer. Some common mistakes include gripping the ball too tightly or too loosely, not spreading the fingers out evenly around the ball, not using the fingers to grip the ball securely, or not forming the “V” shape with the thumb and index finger. These mistakes can lead to a lack of control and accuracy, making it difficult to perform well in basketball.

Final verdict

At last, we like to tell you that holding the basketball is one of the most important factors in playing basketball. You can’t play basketball properly unless you know how to hold the basketball ball correctly.

If you are a beginner player and you want to improve your game, we recommend that you should have to read this complete article and practice the game more and more with your family and friends to upgrade the level of your skills.

We hope that, if you follow these things which we described in detail above, then, one day you will become a professional player and you will play basketball at the level where professional players play, such as in NBA court.  

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