How to Install In-Ground Basketball Hoop – Step-by-Step Guide

Want to install In-Ground basketball hoop in your backyard or driveway? If you and your family love to play basketball and want to build your own In-Ground basketball hoop in the backyard or driveway then, you should have to install an in-ground basketball hoop.

If you want to install the In-Ground basketball hoop, you have to dig a hole according to the size of the pole, insert the pole inside the hole, harden it with cement mixture and wait for at least two days for its curing. After that, attach the backboard, rim, and net to the basketball hoop. 

However, there are several In-Ground basketball hoops in the market. If you really don’t know what things to consider while purchasing the basketball hoop, you can visit our best in-ground basketball hoop to choose a perfect one.

Having a basketball hoop in a backyard or driveway is one of the most enjoyable moments you can have—no need to mention if you have kids. 

After buying the In-Ground basketball hoop, the most annoying thing is how to install it into the ground. But don’t be worry about that because here we will explain each and everything about the installation of the basketball hoop

To get inexhaustible enjoyment, you have to install the basketball hoop perfectly. Let’s dive into the detailed review to finish your curiosity. We will elaborate this review into six uncomplicated steps.

Types of Basketball Hoops

Your basketball hoop doesn’t have to be directly mounted into the ground, you can either mount it on the garage, wall, roof or door, or you can also buy the adjustable basketball hoop if you don’t want the fixed hoop. 

For garage wall, you can visit our article about the best wall-mounted basketball hoop, or if you want a moveable hoop, you can see our article, best portable basketball hoop.

Moreover, the in-ground basketball hoop offers unmatched stability and durability. You play basketball more professionally with the in-ground hoop. 

Furthermore, it is entirely up to you which location you have selected for installing a basketball hoop. Still, you should bear the following thing in mind for choosing the appropriate place for the mounting of your in-ground basketball hoop.

Choose the Perfect Location

A proper ground is needed for the installation of the in-ground basketball hoop. The surface should be flat and made of concrete; the ground must be large enough to manage the number of players and in-ground basketball hoop. 

If you want to build the basketball court in your backyard and want to get the cost estimate, so you can visit our detail article how much a backyard basketball cost.

While installing the basketball hoop, you must consider the sun’s position because it matters a lot as it plays an important role while playing basketball. It isn’t good if the rays of the sun directly fall on your eyes while playing.

If you placed your basketball hoop in the North direction, so you can play more comfortably. 

Furthermore, before digging a hole, you have to contact the restricted authorities to ensure any buried installation in your areas such as gas pipeline, wires, internet cables, telephone lines, or any other resources. For more information, you can also contact on

Safety Guidelines

Safety is an essential thing while doing any work. As the saying goes that, 

Know Safety, No Injury. No Safety, Know Injury

We have written below some points that you should have to keep in mind while installing the In-Ground basketball hoop.

  • Wear safety google while digging
  • If you dig a hole with the help of a shovel then, you must wear safety gloves
  • Be conscious about the buried utilities such as gas pipelines, cable, etc.…
  • Keep the kids far away from the place where you dig
  • Set up the ladder on the flat surface
  • When you step up on the ladder, it should be dry.
  • Take a rest after 15 to 20 minutes while digging.

Tools require for the installation 

  • Tape Measure
  • Shovel
  • Cement trowel
  • Screwdriver
  • Stir rod
  • Level 
  • Rubber mallet
  • Dry concrete
  • Water
  • Steel punch
  • Spade
  • 11 bags of concrete

Steps For the Installation of Basketball Hoop 

Here, we will discuss the five steps in detail, which will help you a lot while installing the basketball hoop. However, it depends on you that which place you select for the installation of the system. 

If you follow all of these steps one by one, so you can install your hoop with more perfection and ease. And then, you can start your game. 

How to dig a hole to Install In-Ground Basketball Hoop

Step No. 1: Dig A Hole

Before dig a hole, make sure that the surface should be flat and filled with soil, as it will be effortless for you to dig a hole.

To fix the pole of a basketball hoop, you should perfectly make a hole. 

The diameter of the hole depends on which basketball hoop you buy because different basketball hoops come with different thicknesses of the pole.

There is a complete guideline in the box of the basketball hoop from which you will let know what the diameter and the depth of the hole should be.

The hole you dig will give strength and stability to the pole. You can dig a hole with the help of a shovel, auger, or any other tool from which you do it more effortlessly. 

Step no. 2: Harder the Surface 

You require about 11 concrete bags of 80lbs. It would be good to have a couple of extra bags, just in case if you dig the big hole. 

Now it’s time to harder the surface from where you dig. It would be best for you to harder the surface by pouring the concrete into it. With the help of concrete mixture, the surface will be more robust and perfect. 

In this step, you require your friends or family members to keep the pole straight.

Place the pole in the Dugged hole and ask your partners to hold it straight as they can. After that, pour the mixture of concrete into the pole. 

And hold the pole straight until the concrete dry 😉. Oh There is no need to worry about that as we also have a solution for it.

Once half of the hole fills with the mixture of concrete; you have to insert the stir rod; they need to be aligned as written in the instructions. After that, thoroughly fill the hole.

In the case of Anchor Kit 

If your basketball hoop comes with an anchor kit then, you have to do the same work as described but, you have to insert the anchor kit instead of the pole when the hole completely fills. 

Always bear this thing in mind that, completely level the surface from the top with the help of a trowel and remove extra concrete from it.

Make the surface smooth as possible; you can only do this with the use of foam or cloth pieces. 

Step no. 3: Attach the backboard

How to attach the backboard of basketball hoop

Before the backboard attachment, you also have to keep in mind that, if the basketball hoop you purchased contains the pole padding, then firstly pad the pole in a good way and after that attach its backboard.

Now, it’s time to attach the backboard. The backboard is really a heavyweight component of a basketball hoop, and it requires at least 2 or 3 adults because of its big size, so they can hold it properly. If you want to install the basketball hoop effortlessly, make sure that you have at least 2 workers. 

For the backboard attachment, you should need to set up a ladder in front of the pole. After that, with the help of workers, lift up the backboard carefully and secure it to the support pole. Must recheck the tightness of all nuts and bolts after mounting the backboard. 

However, different models come with various accessories and different guidelines. So, you must follow the procedures written in the manual of a basketball hoop.

Step no. 4: Attach Rim and Net

Yes, now all your difficult work is over, and finally, we are going to the last steps. Rim is comparatively uncomplicated to install as almost every rim is pre-assembled; you require only four Nuts and Bolts for the attachment of the rim to the backboard. And all is done. But this method is only for Classic Rims. Classic rims are those in which compressional springs are not installed.

You have to keep in mind that if your basketball hoop comes with a breakaway rim, you also need extra accessories and tools for its installation.

Attachment of net is relatively effortless as it requires proper looping. However, there are three different procedures for the installation of the hoop.

  1. The rim which comes with hooks
  2. The rim which comes without hooks
  3. Rim comes with a hideaway lock system

One of the procedures will apply to your rim from these three methods. Moreover, if you don’t know about it at all, then you can visit our detailed review in which we talked about, How to Replace Basketball NetSo, you can do it without any complexity.

Step no. 5: Final Touches

However, the final touches are generally optional; this means that you can do it if you want to play basketball more professionally. 

Now the installation of your basketball hoop is almost completed. Now, it’s time to add other resources to your basketball court.

Several basketball hoop models come with backboard padding. Must equip the pads to the backboard; otherwise, it may severely injure the player during aggressive play. 

Now, it’s time to enhance the beauty of the basketball court. You have to mark basketball court lines. If you don’t know that what is the length or width of the basketball court then, you can visit our article, Basketball Court Dimensions and Markings

The lighting of the basketball court also increases the beauty of your court. The lightning on the basketball court would be helpful if you want to play at night. 

Make sure the final touches mean that, once again, check the tightness of all nuts and bolts. So that you can start your game. 

If you are still confused about the installation of the basketball hoop then, you can also watch the video that is given below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How long does it take to dry the cement mixture during the basketball system installation?

Answer. It requires approximately three days to cure a basketball hoop in cold weather. However, in a hot climate, two days are more than enough for installing the basketball hoop. 

Q2. Which one is the best In-ground basketball for a driveway?

Answer. If you can afford the expensive basketball hoop, we highly recommend you go with the Goalrilla FT72 Basketball system as it comes with tempered glass material that gives exceptional rebounding.

However, if you are looking for a reasonable basketball hoop with more features, we suggest you go with Spalding Screw Jack Basketball Hoop.

Q3. Can you move the Install In-Ground basketball Hoop?

Answer. Yes, you can relocate the inground basketball hoop if it is mounted with the help of anchor kits. So, you have to unbolt all the screws and install them to your desired location. But keep in mind that you have to buy the new anchor kit for its reinstallation.

Furthermore, if your Basketball system is directly installed into the ground then, you can visit our article on How to remove a basketball pole


Congratulations🎉! You have install an in-ground basketball hoop on your own, you can also take help from professionals as the expert workers are trained in the work. So, they can easily do it without any mistake. Always keep the safety instructions in mind, which we have written above. 

Installing the basketball hoop in the driveway or backyard always seems complicated but, if you follow these instructions, as well as the instructions which are written on the manual, so it will ease this task.

The above instructions is written by the experts, so make sure to read it twice or thrice so that you will be able to install the hoop perfectly and without any mistake. Only from a perfectly installed hoop can you get the full enjoyment of playing basketball. 

Enjoy Game with Your Friends and Family Members.

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