How to Replace Basketball Net – (6 steps Guide) – 2023 Updated

How to replace basketball net? The most asking question by those who don’t know much about it, so if you want to know, you’ve landed on the right place. As here, we will talk about this term in detail, and you can easily find its answer.

If you’ve been playing basketball for a long time and the net of that basketball hoop is now old or dingy. So, you have to only follow our guidance.

You have to cut the loops of the basketball net from the hooks of the basketball rim with the help of a scissor or knife and then replace it with a new net by knotting its loops with those hooks… 

When you buy a new brand basketball hoop from the market, and it comes without net, or the net of its basketball hoop is very flimsy and worse quality, so it sounds bad. How worse would it be if you put a basketball hoop in your driveway or backyard and it is without a net or has a substandard quality net? 


The reason for the dirtiness and tearing of the net is that you sharply shoot the basketball with a worse quality net, that’s why it happens. Some people determine that the net is not the necessary part of the basketball hoop, but they are wrong according to our point of view

The net plays a very important role in playing basketball because the net will help you to slow down the basketball and another advantage of basketball net is that, it makes it easy for the player to make a goal. It also keeps the player safe from severe injury.

There are also many other important factors of net by which it becomes a necessary part of the basketball hoop. Without the basketball net the players cannot focus on the rim rightly. You can easily score a goal with the combination of rim and net, even you also make a goal from the half court or three point line.

Some people think that replacing the net is a challenging process, and they can’t do that, but when you read this complete article, you will realize that, it is a very simple and straightforward process.

There are three different basketball rim and the methods of applying a net on them are also different, so we will describe all of them step by step.

First of all, we talk about what tools we require to replace the net and the safety guidelines for replacing the net.

Tools we require

The tools we should need while replacing the net. These tools written below are all basic, and we hope that everyone will have those tools:-

  • Ladder
  • Scissor or cutter pliers
  • A helper
  • New basketball net

Safety Guide

Safety should be our priority before doing anything, and there are also many safety guidelines that you should have to follow while replacing the net of the basketball hoop. The first thing you must have to bear in mind is that if you have a ladder, you must see that it is stable or not. If it is stable, then well and good,

But if ladder is unstable, you should have to buy a new ladder because it is the main safety point and also that don’t climb on the wet ladder step.

Now, let’s start the procedure of replacing the basketball net.

How to replace the basketball net

The replacement of the net is an uncomplicated process, so don’t be worry about that. We will make a step-by-step guide for you. in this guide, we will talk about the three procedures of replacing the net. We explain these methods with 6 steps each.

1. Replace the net of the hoop, which comes with hooks

2. Replace the net of the hoop which comes without hooks

3. Replace the net of the hoop, which comes with hideaway net locks

Replace the net Of the hoop which comes With hooks

Basketball rim with hook
Basketball rim with hook

Step no. i: – Setup the ladder

If you already have an adjustable portable, wall-mounted or in-ground basketball hoop, then that was amazing. With the help of an adjustable hoop, you can easily change the net without using a ladder, but if you have a fixed basketball hoop, we mean that if you have a basketball hoop that cannot be adjusted, so at this stage, we need the ladder. Set up the ladder at the plain surface and under the fore-end of the rim. 

Step no. iI: – Detach the old net

Even now, if an old net is already attached to the rim, you should have to remove it to replace the new net. You can easily remove the old net with the help of scissors or cutter pliers. You have to cut the net from the top side and remove the remaining pieces of the net trapped in the rim’s hooks.

Step no. III: – Setting up the new basketball net

If you already bought the new net for your basketball hoop, so that is awesome. So, now we want to tell you briefly that how you can set up the new net. Remove the packing from the new net. Put it in a straight place and then separate all the upper loops of the net so you can easily attach it with the rim.

Step no. iv: – Attach the net on the rim.  

Attaching the net on the rim is very simple. First of all, hold the giant loop of the net and press it from the end with your index finger and thumb and squeeze it. After squeezing it, you can put the loop in the hook of the rim. Tighten the loop after putting it into the hook, then hold that loop with your hand and suddenly pull it towards the hook. Now, your one loop is attached to the hook. 

Step no. v: – Attach the other loops

There are usually 12 hooks on the rim of the basketball hoop. So, now eleven hooks remain. After applying the step no. 4, you have to put the net on these hooks yourself. But it is an entirely same process that we have described in Step no. 4. 

Step no. vi: – Play the basketball with more fun.

Play the basketball with more pleasure and excitement with a new basketball net. 

Replace The net Of the hoop which comes without hooks

Basketball Rim without hooks
Basketball Rim without hooks

Step no. i: – Setting up the ladder

Setting up the ladder is an uncomplicated process, but you must bear in mind that the ladder should be stable. And also, keep in mind that the ladder step must be dry; otherwise, you may slip. Always keep the ladder on the plain surface

Step no. iI: – Remove the old net.

Removing the old net in this type of hoop, which comes without hooks, is also an easy process. In this process, you have to loosen all the knots attached to the hoop. If the knots are too tight, then cut them from their top with the help of scissor or cutter pliers. 

Step no. III: – Buy a new basketball net.

There are many different types of the net in the market, but we recommend you to buy a Spalding basketball net or steel chain basketball net. These nets come at a low price and with excellent quality. 

Step no. IV: – Tie a new net to the hoop

Attaching these types of nets is a very easy and simple process. You have to grab the biggest loop of the net with your index finger and thumb, then bring these loops from above the rim and knot it with a rim-like twist, and to make its knot more secure you can also use a zip tie or electric tape around its knot. . 

Step no. V: – Set up the remaining loops

There are around 12 loops in the net. You have to set all the other loops with the same process as we described in step no. IV. 

 Step no. VI: – Start playing 

 Start playing basketball with your family and friends with more enjoyment. As this game keeps help to fit your physical as well as mental health. 

Replace the net of the hoop, which comes with hideaway net locks

Basketball rim with Hideaway net Locks
Basketball rim with Hideaway net Locks

Step no. i: – Place the ladder.

Everyone knows that, how to place the ladder, but we want to give you some safety instructions in terms of the ladder that it must be stable, keep your ladder on a plain surface, and the step of the ladder should not be wet.

Step no. iI: – Unhook the net.

If there is a hideaway net lock system installed in the rim of basketball system. So, it is very simple method to unhook the net from the rim. You just have to open the wire lock hidden inside the rim and pull the wire out of it. 

Step no. III: – Set the new basketball net.

If you have already bought a new net, that is good, but if you haven’t bought it yet, we suggest you buy a Pro slam premium quality net or a Spalding basketball net.

Both nets are readily available in the market. You just have to put the net on the plain surface and separate all its loops. In the next step, we will teach how to attach a net to the hideaway lock system.

Step no. IV: – Fasten a new net with a rim 

First of all, you have to pull out the wire from the rim, as we described in step ii. Then, grab a longer loop of the net first with your finger and thumb and take it between the two hooks. After that, hold the wire and put it in those two hooks. So, the first loop of the net is now attached to the rim.

Step no. V: – Fasten the other loops

So, now 11 loops are remaining of the basketball net. You have to put these remaining 11 loops with the same method as we described in step no. IV. After placing the net in all the hooks, you have to lock the wire from both ends. 

Step no. VI: – Begin playing the basketball

Enjoy and start playing the basketball game after putting the new basketball net in the rim.


Q 1. Why do we use a basketball net?

Answer: – Net is the most necessary part of the basketball hoop. The basketball net helps you to slow down the basketball. According to our experience, a basketball net can help to score a goal easily because, without a basketball net, players cannot focus on the hoop in the right way, and you may miss achieving a goal.

Q 2. What is a basketball net made of? 

Answer: – The basketball net which is used in NBA games is made up of 100% polyester and is tipped with polypropylene. But there is also a nylon basketball net that comes in the market. 

Q 3. What are the official size and colors of the basketball net?

Answer: – If we see according to the NBA and NCAA rules and regulations, all standard size basketball nets come with size ranges around 15 inches to 18 inches and the official color of the basketball net is white.

Q 4. How much does it cost to replace basketball net?

Answer. The net of the basketball hoop comes in very low price that almost everyone can afford easily. However, if you want to buy the nylon basketball net so it costs around $10 to $25 but if you want to buy the chain basketball net so, it costs around $25 to $40. Now, it’s up to you that which basketball net you buy.

Q5. How can I fix my basketball net at home?

Answer. Here are some steps, you need to know.

  1. Take the net off the pole and lay it out on the ground.
  2. Put on safety goggles and gloves if you have them.
  3. Find the end of each rope and tie them together with slip knots (see these instructions). You’ll want to double knot it so it doesn’t come undone later on!
  4. Thread one end through one of the holes in the bottom of the pole, then tie a simple overhand knot at that end so it stays put once you pull it through all three holes (see these instructions). Repeat this process for all three holes until both ends are threaded through their respective holes at once so that they pull tight against each other when pulled from either side of your pole’s base (see these instructions).
  5. Test out your new-and-improved basketball net by jumping up into it!

Q6. What tools do I need to replace a basketball net?

Answer. You will need a ladder, a pair of pliers, and a replacement net. You may also need a wrench if the hardware holding the net in place is difficult to remove.

Q7. How do I remove the old basketball net?

Answer. First, use a ladder to climb up to the rim of the basketball hoop. Then, use the pliers to loosen and remove the hardware holding the net in place. Once the hardware is removed, gently pull the old net off of the rim.

Q8. How do I attach the new basketball net?

Answer. Start by threading one end of the net through the hoop and pulling it taut. Then, use the pliers to attach the hardware that came with the new net, or use the hardware from the old net if it is still in good condition. Finally, adjust the net so that it is evenly balanced and hang straight.

Q9. How do I know what size net to buy?

Answer. The size of the net you need depends on the size of the rim on your basketball hoop. Standard size nets fit rims with an inner diameter of 18 inches, while junior size nets fit rims with an inner diameter of 15 inches. If you are unsure of the size of your rim, measure the inner diameter to determine the appropriate net size.

Final Verdict

At last, we want to say with you that everyone loves to play basketball, so it is necessary for you to learn how to put a basketball net on the hoop. The basketball net is the most essential part of the basketball hoop.

Without the basketball net, you would not be able to enjoy the basketball properly because the net helps to slower the basketball when the ball has passed through the rim.

According to NBA rules and regulations, the color of the net must be white with the size ranges from 15” to 18” and made with 100% polyester. 

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