How To Throw Basketball – Step-by-Step Detail Guide

There are many basketball drills you can use to improve your aim and skills. Throwing basketball is not as easy as it looks though. I think you will really enjoy the following instructional guide, but don’t take my word for it, give it a go yourself.

In my dictionary, success is defined by those who have the courage to follow their own dreams. Running the court has always been a hobby of mine.

This tutorial makes it easier to learn how to throw a basketball. Get straight to the point on this forum with step-by-step instructions that even a first grader can understand.

Step-By-Step Method To Throw Basketball


The art of passing and throwing a basketball is an underrated part of the sport. There are many different styles and ways to throw a basketball, but the over-hand pass is probably the most common.

It’s great for long passes and quick drives to the basket. By following these steps, you can learn how to throw a basketball properly!

Pick A Spot On The Court

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a spot to shoot from. First and foremost, you need to make sure that you have a clear line of sight to your target. If you throw from the wrong angle or with the wrong trajectory, it could have disastrous effects on your shot.

Likewise, if there’s something in the way—a chair or trashcan for example—it may affect how your ball travels and where it lands on court.

Secondly, pick a spot that’s comfortable for you to shoot from. You don’t want to try throwing from somewhere so far away that it makes it hard for you to get into position comfortably (or even at all).

However, don’t pick such an easy spot either; choose one where they can score consistently but not too often because this will help improve their shooting accuracy over time! Finally

Grip The Basketball Correctly

Throwing a basketball correctly is all about the grip. To begin, you’ll want to hold the ball with your fingertips and palm. Once you’re comfortable with this, you can then try holding the ball with only your fingertips or palm. The best way for beginning players to get used to different grips is by practicing in a mirror or by watching yourself in video footage.

Point Your Elbow To The Sky

When you’re in shooting position, point your elbow to the sky. By doing this, you give yourself a better chance of making a successful shot by extending your arm as long as possible.

This also prevents you from bending either elbow when releasing the ball because that will affect its trajectory and make it harder for you to hit targets at different distances with accuracy.

In addition to keeping both elbows straight and pointing them upward, remember not to tilt them down or sideways as those will affect how far away from where you’re standing on court that ball gets launched into air space!

Bring Your Elbow Down To Your Hip

When bringing the ball to your hip, you should resist the urge to bring it anywhere else. This is because doing so would make it difficult to control, or even throw.

You should also avoid bringing the ball up too high as this can be uncomfortable and potentially painful.

Step Into The Shot

The first step in a proper basketball shot is to properly step into the shot. You should always begin this process by stepping in with your non-dominant foot, followed by your dominant foot.

If you have trouble determining which of your feet is more dominant, try stepping in with both feet at once and see which one lands first.

If you find that you can’t get enough distance on your shots by simply taking two steps back from the basketball hoop, try taking three or four steps back instead.

Follow Through And Hold It For 2 Seconds

Follow through is the most important part of the shot, and it’s what will get you the most distance. Follow through refers to your arms when they’re extended after releasing a basketball.

It’s the last thing you do before your arm stops moving and also allows for more force to be generated in order to shoot a long-range basket.

Here’s how follow through works: When shooting a jumper, start with both feet behind the 3-point line (or whatever distance you’re comfortable shooting from).

Bend your knees slightly while keeping them parallel with each other as if riding an imaginary bike—this helps maintain good balance throughout your entire body.

Take two quick steps forward so that only one foot remains behind; this foot should be closer than its partner so that both are about shoulder width apart from each other (the farther away from each other they are, the higher up on their toes players will be able to jump).

Then quickly bring both hands up directly over head so there’s no gap between either hand or between either hand and chin; aim toward where you want it to go (into net) then release as soon as possible after making contact with ball—don’t hold onto it!

Once You Have Done These Steps, You Will Be Able To Throw A Basketball

  • Throw the ball with your palm up. Don’t throw it with your palm down, sideways or facing you or up towards the sky. If you don’t do this, you will not throw the basketball correctly and it will go all over the place!
  • Once you’ve got it on its way, focus on throwing a straight line as far as possible. The key to this is reading how much power is needed to get where you want to go without overdoing it and going too far off course that way either!

Factors We Have To Consider While Throwing Basketball

Factors We Have To Consider While Throwing Basketball

Release Point & Follow Through

Release point is the point where the ball leaves your hand. It should be at the top of your jump so you can get a lot of power from it.

Follow through is when you raise your arm straight back to follow through with your shot (or other actions). You need to make sure that both release point and follow-through are right on target if you want it to go in!


It is the timing that makes the difference between an accurate throw, a powerful throw and a consistent throw. It is the timing that makes the difference between a good basketball player and a great one. It’s all about timing!

Timing is what separates you from everyone else who throws the ball. Timing gives you control of your shot. The better your timing is, the greater your chances of having an accurate, powerful or consistent shot will be!


  • Footwork is an important part of throwing a basketball. It’s the foundation for every throw and can be improved through practice.
  • Your footwork should feel comfortable to you, so you don’t have to think about it when you are playing. With practice, your feet will automatically move in the correct way without any conscious effort on your part.
  • Your feet should be quick and balanced as well as consistent so that no matter what position you are in or where your body is facing, your feet will always find their way back into the same position for each throw (the “home base”).


When throwing a basketball, it’s important to have good mechanics in order to throw effectively and efficiently. The first step is having a strong grip on the ball. This will ensure that you are able to release it properly so that it goes where you want it to go.

Next, your stance should be correct so that when you follow through with your arm, which should be straight out in front of your body with elbow bent at 90 degrees, this will give the correct angle for releasing the ball.

Finally, always make sure that when throwing any kind of shot with a basketball (free throws and jump shots) you release from above your head as this will give more power behind the shot so that if someone tries blocking it they won’t be able to stop its momentum


Accuracy is the most important factor to consider while throwing the basketball. It means that you have to throw the ball in the right direction, at the right time and in the right place. Accuracy is all about getting your shot to hit any part of a 10-foot hoop.

You should not be aiming for one particular spot or point on your target. A basketball hoop is designed to catch any kind of shots; therefore, there are no specific spots on it that are more valuable than others.


The rotation of the ball is important to consider when throwing a basketball. The ball should rotate in a clockwise direction, and it should do so continuously. It is also important that you throw the ball at an even pace, making sure to keep your finger on top of the laces as well as rotating consistently.

The exact speed and angle at which you spin your wrist will depend on how much time you have before passing or shooting, but generally speaking if there’s not enough time for much spin then don’t bother doing so!

Body Alignment

  • Body alignment is one of the most important factors to consider while throwing the basketball. The body should be aligned straight, with feet shoulder-width apart, knees bent and back straight.
  • Shoulders should be relaxed and not turned. They should be level with the chin and relaxed so that they are not slouched forward or rolled backward.
  • You must keep these things in mind when practicing your jump shot as well as your free throw shooting drills.

Frequently Asked Question (How To Throw Basketball)

How can I improve my basketball shooting skills?

To improve your basketball shooting skills, you need to practice. You can’t just play in the park and expect to get better if you don’t work on your shot.

Practice makes perfect; practice makes permanent. If you want to make progress in anything, then it is imperative that you practice consistently and keep trying new things until they work out for you.

If there is one thing that I have learned over the years, it’s that there are no short cuts when it comes to success.

If someone tells me about some secret trick that will help me become a better basketball shooter overnight, I don’t believe them because these kinds of claims are unrealistic at best and downright fraudulent at worst!

How do you shoot a basketball perfectly?

Shifting your body weight to the front foot is one of the most common mistakes players make. It causes the shot to be slow and weak, and it can make you fall back on your heels or even trip over yourself as you attempt to follow through with the shot.

It’s important to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground when shooting so that you don’t lose balance or momentum for any part of your shooting movement. When taking a jump shot, try not to over-stride as well—if you do, it’ll throw off your form and make it more difficult for you to shoot accurately because more effort will have been put into landing than into actually throwing up a good shot!

Try focusing on keeping both elbows close in towards each other (like an “L”) when shooting instead of letting them fly out away from each other like wings (much like how we would hold a golf club). This will help prevent unnecessary arm movement while still achieving proper hand placement under the ball while executing proper shooting technique.”

How does Steph Curry shoot so far back and make it?

There are many reasons why Steph Curry is able to throw the basketball so far back and make it. He has a lot of practice, he is a great shooter, he has a great team and he has a great coach.

If you want to be like Steph Curry when shooting a basketball then it will take lots of practice! You need to spend time every day practicing your shots so that one day you will be able to shoot as far as him.


Keep in mind that you will not be an expert at shooting overnight. Practicing these steps is the only way to learn how to master this skill. If you need more help, consider asking your coach for tips or even watching footage of professional players on YouTube. With enough practice, you can become a great shooter!

I hope this guide helped you understand the key concepts of throwing a basketball. It’s important to remember that all these techniques are only good if you’re practicing them. So make sure to get out there and practice with your friends, family or teammates!

Takeaway: To be successful at basketball, you need to know how to throw the ball correctly. I hope this article gave you some good tips for improving your game

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