How to Tie Basketball Shoes In A Minute – (3 Methods)

How to Tie Basketball Shoes In A Minute? What is the importance of shoes while playing Basketball? What is the main difference between sneakers and basketball shoes?

Basketball shoes play an important role while playing basketball because well-designed basketball shoes give you extraordinary stability.

The advantage of basketball shoes is that these shoes protect the player from severe injuries and prevent him from slipping on any smooth surface. The manufacturer designed it in such a way that it can endurance the game’s intensity.

The basketball shoes act as a shock absorber, so you can constantly jump without any worry. It also helps to stop the player suddenly from running because of its excellent grip. 

How to Tie Basketball Shoes? Some people still think that tying the basketball shoes is difficult, so we recommend them that if they want to tie the basketball shoes easily then, tie it with Straight Bar Lacing style or Traditional Lacing Style. We have described these methods in detail below.

Here’s comes an important thing that how we can lace basketball shoes for the perfect stability? After buying basketball shoes, you tied its laces and went to the playground for playing basketball, but when you got back to your home, then you may noticed that your feet and ankles were sore.

Some people ask the question that, why it does happen? It is happening because you tie shoes in the wrong way. There are many methods of tying shoes, but we describe those methods below, which are effective during running or while playing basketball.

We will discuss three techniques of tying basketball shoes that will keep your feet calm, give you perfect stability, and prevent you from slipping. 

What to consider before applying any method

There are a few things that you should have to consider before applying the methods:-

1. Do you have big feet?

2. Is the look of shoes matter to you?

3. Are you playing any pick-up games?

These three things are matter on that how you can lace basketball shoes. Lacing up the boots in the perfect way will keep your feet safe otherwise, if you mistakenly tie your shoes in the wrong way. It may sore your feet and ankles. 

How to lace basketball shoes? (3 Methods)

Different tying designs gives different look. Some of them give a modern look while some designs that provides a simple look, so, you can use whatever method you like most.

We will describe all the methods step-by-step so that everyone can easily understand them, but if you still don’t understand after reading the complete process. So, we will put a video of that procedure at the end of each method to teach it more efficiently.

Method 1. Straight bar lacing style

The straight bar lacing method works amazingly on those shoes, which comes with an even number of eyelet pairs because the shoelaces cross the shoe on an actual number and can be tied together.

The straight bar lacing style is convenient and attractive. This lacing style is also known as the Lydiard lacing style. There are no underlying sections by which you can feel more comfortable. There are detailed descriptions for applying this method. 

Step no. 1: – You have to insert a shoelace on both opposite bottom eyelets straightly. 

Step no. 2: – Then, you have to pull both ends to make sure that the shoelace ends are even.

Step no. 3: – After pulling both ends, you have to put the left end straight across the outside.

Step no. 4: – After applying step 3, you have to run both sides straight up on the inside by skipping the one eyelet and emerging two eyelets higher up. 

Step No 5: – Repeat the last two steps again and again until you reach the end.

Straight Bar Lacing Style

Method 2. Traditional lacing style

If you are finding the easiest way of tying the basketball shoes. So, a basic lacing style is best for you. As it is a standard lacing style so almost everyone knows about it, this is also known as a crisscross lacing pattern.

This lacing style method is lovely and easy for kids and teenagers for playing any local game. The step by step procedure of this method have been described below: –

Step no. 1: – Put shoes in front of you in which you want to tie the laces. You have to start from the front-most opposite eyelets. Insert each point of laces from the inside eyelets. Make sure that both laces of the shoes are equal in size. 

Step no. 2: – After inserting both ends. Now, you have to grab the right end and insert it diagonal direction into the next hole.

Step no. 3: – Insert the left end into the next hole in a diagonal direction. 

Step no. 4: – Continue the working of step 2 and step 3 until you reach at the end

Step no. 5: – And now, you have successfully tied your shoes. After completing all the steps, you make a bow. 

Criss Cross lacing style Or Traditional lacing style

Method 3. Lattice lacing style

Lattice is a well-liked and ornamental lacing style. It is a bit complicated, but it gives a beautiful look to the viewers. Yet, mistakes are happened in doing any new work. So you have to read our step-by-step guide carefully, but if you still do not understand, you can also watch the video that we will give you below.

Step no. 1: – You have to insert both ends of the shoelace into the front-most eyelets. 

Step no. 2: – Take one end of the shoelace and insert it in its adjacent direction by skipping the two eyelets.

Step no. 3: – After applying step 2, you have run the same end straight up on the inside, then insert it diagonally down by skipping two eyelets and then insert it straight up the interior.

Step no. 4: – Again, diagonally up by skipping one eyelet. Now, apply all these steps to the other end of the shoelace.

Step no. 5: – This method is a bit tricky. So, we suggest you to watch the video that we have given below.

Lattice Lacing Style


Q 1. How tight should I lace my basketball shoes?

Answer: – Your basketball shoes must tie in this way that your basketball shoes should not be so tight and should not be so loose. Basketball shoes should not be so tight in which you feel uncomfortable. And if your basketball shoes are too loose, your shoes give a sloppy look and are easy to cause an accident. 

Q 2. Which is the best and easy way to tie the basketball shoes?

Answer: – The traditional lacing style is one of the best, easy, and most popular styles. We describe this lacing style in Method 2. This style is also known as the crisscross lacing style. 

Q 3. Which company made the best basketball shoes?

Answer: – Nike and Adidas make awesome quality basketball shoes. The shoes made by these both companies are not only made for playing basketball. However, you can buy basketball shoes for running, walking, or playing any other game.

Q 4. How do I choose the perfect basketball shoes?

Answer: – You must keep these two things in mind before buying any basketball shoes that we have written below .

 1. The sole of the shoes must be flat and relatively wide to provide you with a maximum balance.

2. If you want a grip shoe then, you must look at the backside of the soul. Its soul must have a herringbone or hexagonal pattern for maximum grip. 

Q 5. Do basketball shoes allows you to jump higher?

Answer: – It was noticed that some players or athletes maintain a higher jump after wearing jump enhancing and spring assisted basketball shoes.

Q 6. Can you wear basketball shoes anywhere?

Answer: – Definitely Yes, you can wear basketball shoes anywhere wherever you want. The wearing of basketball shoes has become a popular trend because basketball shoes come in lightweight and give a stylish look. These shoes look great with jeans but depend on your style. 

Q 7. How long should you wear basketball shoes?

Answer: – According to the expert players, if you play basketball 2 to 3 times a week, you are recommended to change your shoes after 3 to 4 months. But if you are playing basketball shoes 4 to 5 times a week, it is recommended to change your shoes every month. 

Q8. What is the best way to tie basketball shoes?

There are several ways to tie basketball shoes, but one method that is commonly used is the traditional lacing style.

This traditional lacing style is a simple and effective way to tie basketball shoes. It provides a snug fit and good support, which can be especially important when playing high-impact sports like basketball. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start by threading one end of the lace through the eyelet closest to the toe of the shoe.
  2. Take the other end of the lace and thread it through the eyelet on the opposite side of the shoe.
  3. Pull the laces tight to close the shoe.
  4. Repeat this process for the remaining eyelets, working your way up the shoe.
  5. When you reach the top eyelets, tie a regular knot to secure the laces.
  6. To make the knot more secure, you can tie a second knot on top of the first one.

Q9. How do you lace basketball shoes?

There are many different ways to lace basketball shoes, and the best method for you will depend on your personal preference and the fit of the shoes. Here are a few common techniques:

  1. Straight lacing: This is the most basic lacing method, where the laces are simply tied in a knot at the top of the shoes. This works well for shoes that fit snugly and don’t need any additional support.
  2. Criss-cross lacing: With this method, the laces are laced through the eyelets in a diagonal pattern, crossing over each other as they go up the shoe. This can help to evenly distribute the tension of the laces and provide a more secure fit.
  3. Loop lacing: With this method, the laces are looped through the eyelets instead of being pulled straight through. This can help to keep the laces in place and reduce slippage.
  4. Lattice lacing: This method involves creating a series of “X” shapes with the laces as they are laced up the shoe. This can help to provide a more customized and secure fit.

Q10. How do you tie basketball shoes without laces showing?

There are a few different techniques you can use to tie your basketball shoes without the laces showing:

  1. Hidden knot: To create a hidden knot, start by lacing your shoes as normal. Then, instead of pulling the laces tight and tying them in a knot at the top, leave a small loop at the top of the laces. Next, tie a knot with the laces just below the top eyelets, pulling the laces through the loop as you do so. This will create a knot that is hidden behind the loop at the top of the laces, giving the appearance of a slip-on shoe.
  2. Lace lock: A lace lock is a small device that is placed on the laces to hold them in place and prevent them from coming undone. To use a lace lock, simply thread the laces through the device and adjust the tension as needed.
  3. Tuck and tie: To create this look, start by lacing your shoes as normal. Then, take the laces and tuck them behind the tongue of the shoe, pulling them through the top eyelets and tying them in a knot as usual. This will create a clean, streamlined look with no visible laces.

Q11. How tight should I tie my basketball shoes?

The proper fit for basketball shoes will depend on your personal preference, but in general, you should aim for a snug, secure fit. The shoes should be tight enough to provide support and stability, but not so tight that they are uncomfortable or restrict your movement.

Here are a few tips for achieving the right fit:

  1. Tie the laces evenly: Make sure to pull the laces tight and tie them in a knot that is centered over the top of the foot. This will help to evenly distribute the tension of the laces and create a secure, stable fit.
  2. Adjust the laces as needed: If the shoes feel too loose or too tight in certain areas, try adjusting the laces to change the fit. For example, if the shoe is too loose around the heel, you can try pulling the laces tighter in that area to create a more secure fit.
  3. Break the shoes in: It’s normal for new shoes to feel a bit stiff and unyielding at first. Wear them around the house for a few days to break them in and allow them to conform to the shape of your foot.


Basketball shoes are designed in such a way that these shoes give you superb in comfort, stability, grip, and protection.

The basketball shoe-making companies keep the requirements of basketball players and athletes in their minds to make the best shoes for them.

If you do not tie the basketball shoes properly then, it gives a sloppy look and increases the chances of an injury while running.

And also, if you are too tight on your boots, it may feel uncomfortable. That’s why, we recommend that, you have to tie your shoes in the usual way that gives you comfortability. 

Some peoples think that if they buy expensive shoes then, it may decrease their foot pain. But this thinking is wrong because the foot pain depends on how you tie the shoes or on the size of the shoes.

It doesn’t matter that it is expensive shoes or cheap shoes. But yes, the soul of expensive shoes gives you incredible comfortability and stability. 

By trying different methods of tying shoes, you may be able to decrease the pain of your foot or the soreness of ankles. Follow our guide of tying the basketball shoes, which will give your shoes a professional look. 

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