Spalding The Beast Basketball Hoop Review – Detail Guidance

Spalding is a well-known and reputable brand all over the world in terms of basketball products. It is an American sports equipment manufacturing company, and Albert Spalding invented it in Chicago in 1876. Here, we will deliver an exhaustive review about Spalding The Beast Basketball Hoop, by which all of your queries get answered.

If you are in the market for portable basketball hoops and want to buy the premium quality basketball hoop, we highly recommend you to buy SPALDING THE BEAST BASKETBALL HOOP. You can say that Spalding the beast basketball hoop is the master of all the portable basketball hoops. 

It is named The Beast because of many reasons. The first reason is that it has a massive base that gives unmatched stability. The second reason is that it comes with a vast-sized backboard and there are also so many other reasons that we will describe below.

This basketball system also offers easy transportability because four roller wheels are attach under its base. There is also a grip handle mount at the front of the pole. With the help of handle you can easily grip the basketball hoop and move it from one place to another.

If you want to improve your basketball shooting skills then, this basketball hoop should be your most significant choice because it includes all of those features which you did not find in other basketball hoops. 

Spalding The Beast Basketball Hoop 
9.7/10 Our Score
  • Backboard Material: Tempered Glass
  • Rim Material: Breakaway steel Rim
  • Backboard Dimension: 54 inches, 60 inches 

One of the most significant issues with portable basketball hoops is their stability. In fact, a portable basketball hoop is not recommended for dunking, but all of these issues are now resolved by Spalding the Beast basketball hoop. 

Main Features

  • Tempered Glass backboard make this basketball hoop to play competitive competition
  • Comes in two sizes, 54 inches, and 60 inches.
  • Pro-style breakaway rim
  • Height adjustment mechanism
  • 55 Gallons base


Spalding the beast backboard
The Beast Backboard

There are currently two variants of Spalding The Beast backboard, which are 54 inches and 60 inches. 

However, 60” basketball hoop is a bit more expensive, but We highly recommend you to buy 60 inches backboard because the bigger backboards make the game more exciting and entertaining. With bigger backboards, you can be able to make a shot from narrow angles.

A 54 inch basketball hoop is best for those who don’t have enough budget to buy the 60 inches basketball hoop or have less space in their backyard or driveway.

Moreover, Spalding the Beast basketball hoop features a tempered glass backboard. This material gives excellent rebounding against basketball compared to polycarbonate or acrylic backboard. However, tempered glass backboard weighs a lot, so it also requires a heavy-duty pole for providing the perfect stability.

Professional players prefer the tempered glass backboard because of its effectiveness and sturdiness. Tempered glass also makes the backboard unbreakable.


Spalding the beast rim
The Beast Rim

Considering the price of the Spalding the Beast basketball hoop, it is no surprise that it comes with the breakaway rim.

Whereas, breakaway rim is sturdy enough that it can endurance the monster dunks. We do not recommend you to hang with the rim due to the safety precautions of the portable basketball hoop.

It is a sturdy and robust rim. Its compressional spring is covered with a steel cover, which keeps its spring away from rust. You can say that professional breakaway rim is consider as a top-of-the-line rim. 

There is also an all-weather net attached with its rim. This net is completely made with nylon. However, it is a standard net, and almost every basketball hoop is fitted with it.


Spalding the beast base
The Beast Base

One of the most surprising things about Spalding the Beast Basketball Hoop is its base. On average, the bases of the basketball hoops are around twenty to thirty gallons but, this basketball system offers 55 gallons massive base, which gives unmatched stability and durability. You can fill its base with water or sand. This is one of the largest bases we have ever seen in a portable basketball system.

Don’t worry about the basketball hoop’s portability because four wheels are attach under its base. There is also a handle equip at the front of the pole, and you can grip that handle to move the goal from one place to another with more ease. 

Expert Tip: - Add base gel in the base’s water to strengthen the base. The advantage of adding the base gel into the bottom of the basketball hoop is that it would prevent it from cracking in winter and stop its leakage. 

Height Adjustment

The height adjustment mechanism in the basketball hoop makes it possible for people of all ages to play with it. The screw jack system installed in this basketball hoop allow you to change its height. You can adjust the size of the Spalding the Beast Basketball hoop from 7.5 Feet to 10 Feet. 


The pole of the Spalding the Beast basketball hoop is entirely powder coated which makes it rust and corrosion-proof. 5 x 5 inches thick pole gives it unbeaten durability. The two poles of this basketball system are angled to reduce the chance of shaking and helps to maximize its stability. 

  • Most stable portable basketball hoop in the market
  • Tempered glass backboard makes it a pro-style basketball hoop
  • Pro-style breakaway rim gives opportunity to play dunks
  • 55 gallons base gives it an incredible and exceptional stability
  • Made with durable material
  • Four roller wheels attached under its base
  • Moving handle at the front of the pole, for gripping it
  • Five years limiting warranty
  • Powder-coated steel frame make it rustproof
  • Two sizes of the backboard, 54 inches and 60 inches
  • All-weather nylon net 
  • There is no padding on the backboard and support pole
  • Its price is high
  • Its two-piece pole system is robust but is not quite strong at the level of a one-piece pole
  • Complicated assembling

Frequently Asked Questions (Spalding The Beast Basketball Hoop Review )

Q1. Is Spalding a good basketball hoop?

Answer. Spalding is one of the most significant sports equipment manufacturing company. Overall, the quality of its product is extremely solid, heavy-duty. If you want to buy the best portable basketball hoop, we highly suggest you go with Spalding The Beast Basketball Hoop. 

Q2. How to assemble Spalding the Beast basketball hoop?

Answer.  Here is the complete video for assembling Spalding the Beast basketball hoop. With the help of this video, you can quickly assemble it.

Q3. What size basketball should I get for my driveway?

Answer. A good rule is to choose a basketball hoop, according to the space of your playing area. If the size of your driveway is the same as the size of a half basketball court, then we recommend you to go with 60 inches basketball hoop. Still, if the size of your driveway or backyard is less than half basketball court then, we suggest you go with 54 inches basketball hoop.

Q4. What type of rim is equip in Spalding the Beast basketball hoop?

Answer. The professional breakaway rim is install in Spalding the Beast Basketball Hoop. It is consider as the top-of-the-line rim because it is also used in the games of the NBA and NCAA.

Q5. Which basketball system is used by NBA?

Answer. Spalding Arena Renegade Basketball Hoop is used in the leagues of NBA and NCAA. 

Q6. Who invented basketball?

Answer. Basketball was invented in 1891 by James Naismith, a physical education instructor at the YMCA Training School (now Springfield College) in Springfield, Massachusetts. The game has undergone several changes since its inception, including several rule changes, equipment improvements and the introduction of professional leagues.

Final Verdict

Spalding basketball hoops are probably considered the best basketball hoop all over the world right now. 

If you want to turn your essential basketball career into a professional, you will need to buy a top-class basketball system.

However, if you want to buy a portable basketball hoop, we suggest to go with Spalding the Beast Basketball Hoop

Moreover, if you want to go with an In-Ground basketball system, we recommend you go Goalrilla FT In-Ground Basketball HoopYou can also visit our detailed article on Goalrilla Basketball Hoop by clicking on the link.

If it is difficult for you to assemble Spalding the Beast basketball hoop, so you can see the video that we have given above, which makes its assembling pretty easy for you.

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