Use of technology in basketball – Different Uses – Ultimate Guide

What is the main use of technology in basketball? There are multiple instances throughout the game in basketball where it can be beneficial to gather information from other sources.

For example, during the opposing team’s free throw or foul shot attempt, one could use the “five-second rule” to see how close they are to shooting an uncontested three-pointer after applying pressure on them and fouling them.

The five-second rule is also a helpful concept during free throws and foul shots to “shut down” the opposing team during the shooter’s pre-shot routine.

concept of slow-motion

The use of slow-motion can be used in multiple ways. For example, during the shooting motion itself and after the shot is taken, one can use slow motion to see any potential player movements that may have occurred concerning the shot. Another use of slow-motion could be during a free throw attempt to show where the net or rim is.

The invention of virtual reality (VR) headsets is another instance where technology has affected sports. Current VR headsets are relatively cheap, for example, in price and quality, making them useful for various purposes in sports. The first known instance of using VR was during an NBA game between the Atlanta Hawks and the New York Knicks on June 17, 2016. 

The idea behind the “scoreboards” or “scoreboards at half time” is to create storylines and experiences for viewers who may not be familiar with all of the presented data.

Sports commentators often use conventional grammar to keep the delivery simple but effective. They need to know when to add emotion into their voice and provide context for fans who may not understand everything that is going in the broadcast booth.

Technology Use in Basketball

Technology Use in Basketball

Technology has changed the way that sports commentators can provide context to viewers. Technology has enabled sports broadcasters to provide more detail and context than ever before. For example, during the Olympic games between 2000 and 2016, many venues had high-definition cameras, which provided a very clear view of athletes during competition. 

Technology’s impact on sports commentary can be seen when looking at some of the most well-known media personalities in the modern age of ESPN (such as Scott Van Pelt) and other cable TV channels (such as the NBA on TNT).

In terms of presentation, many commentators in the sports media industry have started to utilize iPads or other video devices. 

Technology has allowed media personalities (commentators) to speak over certain aspects of a live broadcast to either provide vital information or “colour commentary” (to enhance interest in their audience further).

Everyday use of technology by commentators utilizes statistics to make commentary more informative and insightful.

For example, during a game between the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs on April 4, 2016, “NBA TV’s” Ahmad Amin utilized his graphic on-air to show specific statistics regarding shot attempts by players on both teams. 

Why technology is helpful in basketball

In terms of technology, there are two main reasons why it is helpful in basketball. Advanced analytic software has allowed statistics to become more prominent in sports analysis.

For example, the National Basketball Association (NBA), National Hockey League (NHL), and Major League Baseball (MLB) use SportVU cameras which help to collect information about player movement on the court.

For example, NBA teams have started to use this data to give referees evidence of a call made incorrectly on a player and what type of foul should be made in certain situations. 

The second reason because of which technology is helpful in basketball is that, all of the live video coverage we can have from games.

Not only can viewers watch a game on TV or through internet programs such as ESPN3, but now they can also get live footage from multiple angles from cameras that have been placed all around an arena or stadium. 

technology help to train a basketball player

In terms of training, there are two key examples where technology can help to train a basketball player.

The first example is by using the wearable technology. Wearable technology is now becoming increasingly popular with athletes because of its ability to track metrics such as location, heart rate, and physical activity.

NBA players have been seen wearing devices such as Fuel Bands, an activity tracker that can identify an athlete’s movement and physical activity throughout a game or workout. 

The second-way technology can help in the training of a basketball player is through 3D motion capture systems. A player can practice a specific move in a safe and controlled environment through these systems.

Coaches can analyze how players react in certain practice situations, which can help them to improve their skills or provide coaching cues to their athletes during the game.

Sport Commentators Qualities

Sport Commentators Qualities

Sports announcers must have the ability to keep up with an athletic event’s fast pace and are also needed to talk about the relevant issues that others may be unaware of.

Moreover, they should be knowledgeable about all aspects of a sport, including on-the-court performance and off-the-court issues, including umpires’ decisions and rules within the sport.

They must provide information to the viewers and help them to understand what is happening in the game at that particular time. The announcers should be engaging and have the good delivery ability; they certainly need an individual’s voice.

In sports broadcasting, announcers must converse with each other and provide timely feedback to their viewers to follow the flow of the game and not get distracted by other details or issues. 

three primary roles of commentators

The three leading roles that commentators must take on when they are in a broadcast booth are being reflective, portraying an analytical or opinionated view, and entertaining.

The sports commentator’s job is to make sure that the audience is aware of all the facts about a sporting event to understand better what is happening during it.

In addition, by portraying an analytic or opinionated view on the sporting event, one can also create entertainment for their viewers by either analyzing an event from different perspectives or simply giving their opinions about something that may be controversial. 

some qualities an announcer should have

An announcer needs to be very knowledgeable because they must represent diverse opinions and information. They also need to deliver their analysis excitingly; correct intonation and delivery can only be done.

The commentator also needs to stay up-to-date with an event, so this can only be achieved by understanding what is happening at a particular time.

How technology is helpful for college basketball

One example of how technology is helpful in college basketball is video cameras. These video cameras have been placed inside a stadium and help provide live footage from multiple angles.

There has even been an interest in adding zoom cameras to specific parts of an arena so that viewers can get closer views if they want to see the action better. 

The second-way technology can be helpful in college basketball is through wearable technology. College players now have access to wearables such as sensors, accelerometers, and even biosensors which they can use during practice or before/after a game.

These devices can help track how well a player is performing or even help them to recover more quickly between games. 

The third-way technology can be helpful in college basketball is through live video communication systems. College teams have access to live video communication systems that they can use during practice or games; this allows them to communicate and give feedback on their performance. 

Examples of Basketball technology

There are many different examples of technology that have been developed to help the sport of basketball.

One example is 3D motion capture systems; coaches have developed these to practice a specific move in a safe environment and get feedback from their coaches about what they are doing well or could do better.

Another example of technology developed to help basketball is through wearable technology; these devices can help track how well a player is performing or even help them recover more quickly between games. 

some things that the WNBA has done to help the sport

The WNBA has done a lot of work to make it better for women in sports.

For example, many different initiatives have been developed to ensure the sport is being played at a high level. These initiatives include implementing rules and league policies because transparency and equity are essential for maintaining integrity and fairness.

The WNBA also has implemented rules such as making it mandatory for players to wear specific uniform, so that, the audience can see which players are good and which ones are not. 

Another issue that the WNBA faces is a lack of television coverage; no one broadcasting company shows all of the games. The league has tried to gain more exposure through working with ESPN and Turner Sports; thus, these broadcasters have provided live coverage of WNBA games so that fans have access to games through telephone or online streams.

What is the team huddle

What is the team huddle

The team huddle is a meeting that occurs in many different sports. The purpose of a team meeting is to make sure that everyone on the team understands what they should be doing during an event; having the players huddle forces them to focus on the game.

Examples of language that sports announcers use

Sports commentators use many different types of language when they report on games. One example of this type of language is through intonation; the announcers will raise their voices when they are excited about what they are talking about. In addition, the announcers use sentence structure in which they begin with a subject and then describe an action. 

Another way to use sports commentary text to help improve speaking is by using some of the exact phrases used in sports. These types of phrases can include “in a similar fashion to”, “similar results”, or “much like”. Using these phrases will help someone speak more like a sports commentator; thus, making it easier for them to speak effectively and clearly. 

Frequently Asked Question (Use of technology in basketball)

Q1. What is the shared-ball technology?

Answer. The shared-ball technology is an advanced piece of equipment that is used to track the location and movement of the basketball during a game. This makes it easier for referees to determine who has possession of the ball, which in turn helps to ensure fair play.

Q2. Why are the lines a different color than usual?

Answer. The lines are a different color to help you see them better. They are a different color so they stand out from the background and can be seen from far away.

This is helpful because basketball players need to know where the boundary line is for specific shots and rebounds, but sometimes it’s hard to see these lines when there are things like other people or trees nearby which can obstruct your view of the court.

Q3. How do you know the lines are accurate?

Answer. The lines are checked by a referee before and during each game to make sure they are accurate. The end of each quarter, at the final buzzer, and after the game is over, as well as any other time that you may feel necessary to check them yourself (such as during warm-ups), the referees will check for correct calibration.

If you find that a line has been moved or is not properly calibrated, notify the nearest referee immediately so that it can be corrected before play resumes.

Q4. What is the use of technology in basketball?

Answer. As technology has advanced, it’s been used to help improve the game of basketball. Basketball players can now use technology to train on their own, coaches can use technology to coach better, teams can use technology to practice and communicate effectively. Let’s take a look at how this works:

  • Using video games: Players can play video games that are based off actual NBA games and situations. This way if you’re playing against someone who is really good at the game (like Lebron James), then you’ll be ready for it when he does something similar in real life basketball.
  • Using smart phones: Smart phones have apps like Nike+ which tracks your running time and distance as well as lets you compete with friends by comparing your times/distances over different distances or routes!
  • Using wearables like Fitbit: These trackers measure heart rate while also letting users know how many steps they’ve taken throughout the day so that they can set goals for themselves!

Q5. Who controls the technology in basketball?

Answer. The NBA is the governing body of basketball, so it controls the rules of the game. It also has control over technology used in basketball. The NBA has been working with various companies to implement new technologies into basketball since 2001.

Q7. Can you use technology to help you in basketball?

Answer. You can use technology to help you in basketball. Here’s how:

  • Improve your game. You can use technology to help improve your game by looking at statistics and data from other players. You can also practice with a ball tracking system, which will give you feedback on where to improve and what mistakes you’re making during practice.
  • You can even use virtual reality, which allows you to practice with actual court dimensions and learn how different plays work on the court so that when there’s an opportunity for them during a game, it will be easier for you to execute them correctly because they’ve already been drilled into your muscle memory over time via simulation training methods.

Q8. Do people really use technology in basketball?


  • The use of technology in basketball is not something new. In fact, you can say that it has been around for decades. One of the first uses was the shot clock which was introduced in 1954 and was used to keep track of time on the court.
  • This helped both players and coaches as they could decide whether or not they wanted to take a shot or run down the clock for another possession instead.

The shot clock also helps fans because it gives them an idea about how much time is left before halftime or after halftime begins so they know when they should leave their seats if they need to go get something from their car or go buy snacks at halftime (or maybe even before).

Finally: It helps officials make calls more accurately because now there are actual facts behind each situation instead of just hearing someone else’s opinion about what happened during an incident without having proof that backs up those claims by showing relevant evidence.”


One of the main takeaways from this assignment is that technology has been very beneficial for sports. This paper gave a few examples of how technology has helped with different aspects of sports.

For example, it was discussed how technology has helped ensure athletes perform well during and after games. It also provided ideas on how wearable tech can be helpful. In addition, the article also discussed different ways in which technology is favorable for sports and how it can help players perform better. 

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