What are the 13 rules of basketball – 2023 Guide

Basketball is a game in which two groups compete, and both teams try to make a goal by putting the basketball ball in the basketball hoop. The basketball hoop is mounted on both sides of the basketball court. Basketball is the most favourite game of kids as well as adults. Every basketball player should have to know that, what are the 13 rules of basketball.

It is the world’s most popular game to whom, everyone likes. Every work have some rules and regulations. Similarly, there are also several rules and regulations of a basketball game to whom we will discuss in this article.

As the saying goes that:-

 “Learn the rules like a pro so that you can break them like an artist.”

James Naismith is a founder of the basketball game. This game was invented in 1891. When James Naismith creates the basketball game, he also writes the rules and regulations of playing. So, In this article, we talk about the 13 original Dr. James Naismith rules of basketball. 

Dr. James Naismith original basketball rules

First of all, we discuss the 13 rules and regulations of Dr. James Naismith in detail: –

1. Throwing the basketball

Players can throw the ball according to their own choice. There are no penalties if you throw the ball with one or both hands. However, it depends on the player’s discretion.

2. Defence the basketball ball

However, defense and protection is the most important thing while playing basketball this means that the players can take away the basketball ball with one or two hands but cannot dribble it away the basketball ball with a fist. 

3. Don’t run

In this rule, you cannot run while holding a basketball ball which means that you cannot take more than 2 steps when the basketball ball is in your hand. A player should have to throw the ball to his teammate.

If you take more than 2 steps then the referee calls the “traveling” word. If you want to know about the traveling in the basketball court then you can read our detail article about that.

4. Handle the ball properly

The player must bear this thing in mind that he should have to hold or dribble the basketball ball with the help of his hands. He cannot hold the ball with the other body parts such as fist, legs, arms, etc.

5. Play with discipline

This rule makes the players more well-mannered and well-disciplined while playing basketball. In this rule, players are disallowed that; they cannot shoulder, trip, hold, or push the opponent players.

The first violation by the player will be counted as a single foul. If a player made the second violation, he would be disqualified until the next goal is scored. 

6. Foul

The foul is committed to the player if he hit the ball with the fist or any other violation of rules no. 3, 4 and 5.

7. Consecutive foul

If one team player makes three consecutive fouls, then the one goal counts in another team’s score. 

8. Genuine goal Scoring

In this rule, we will talk about goal scoring. However, the goal will score when the player makes the shot at a basketball ball, and it passes through the net.

If you try to shot at a basketball ball and it remains still on the edges of the basket and, the opponent player moves it then, it will be count as a goal of the opponent player who later got his hands on basketball.

9. Out-of-bound ball handling

If the basketball ball goes out of bounds, then the player who lifts the ball first has a right to throw the basketball, but he must know that he can throw the basketball within 5 seconds.

If the player does not follow the time limit and goes more than 5 seconds, the basketball will go to the opposing team.

10. Umpires power

Umpire has full power to judge the players’ actions and notify the referee that three consecutive goals have been made. The umpire has enough power that he can disqualify the player under rule no. 5.

11. Referee authority

The referee has full power to judge the state of the ball; he decides that, when the ball will be in play and when the ball goes out of bounds, and many other things. The referee also enforces the rules while playing basketball.

12. Game Timing

The time of the playing basketball will be about 20-minutes halves two times. There are also 5 minutes of rest for the players. This means that the one game of basketball is about 45 minutes. 

13. Winner of the game

The champion of the game depends on the goal scored by each team. The team that scores more goals will win, and if the match ties, the game will resume until one more goal is made.


Q 1. In which country is basketball most prevalent?

Answer: – Basketball is the most popular game in the United States.

Q 2. What is not allow while playing basketball?

Answer: – Traveling (taking more than one step without bouncing the basketball ball) is strictly not allowed in basketball. Secondly, double dribble is not permitted.

Q 3. What is the most complicated position to play in basketball?

Answer: – Many players said that the point guard position is the most challenging position while playing basketball because it needs more skills and a high IQ level.

Q 4. What are the essential skills while playing basketball?

Answer: –

  • Shooting the basketball 
  • Passing the basketball to your teammate
  • Dribbling is the most essential and easy skill while playing the basketball
  • Running 

Q 5. Does height matter for NBA?

Answer: – Honestly, height doesn’t matter in NBA. However, six and more than 6 feet in height makes it easy for the players to play dunk shots.

Q 6. Which thing made basketball the world’s best sport?

Answer: – However, there are several benefits of basketball which make it the world’s best sport, but the six most important things are: –

  1. This game burns up to 750 calories if we play this game for an hour.
  2. It is a first moving game in which dribbling, running, defense, and rebounding are include, which gives the player more enjoyment
  3. Playing a basketball game make you fresh and healthy all the time
  4. Basketball game maintains your weight
  5. Playing basketball helps to improve flexibility, endurance, and strength
  6. This game also develops self-discipline in the kids 

Q 7. What are the disadvantages of basketball?

Answer: – The main disadvantages of basketball are: –

  • The chance of an injury while playing basketball is high
  • You need teammates to play a basketball
  • It would be amazing for you if you had a trainer for practicing the basketball properly
  • The height of the net is too much high
  • Must need a referee 

Q 8. Is it legal to jump on a free throw?

Answer: – Yes, you can jump on a free throw, but you cannot cross the free-throw line until the basketball ball touches the rim of the basketball hoop.

Q 9. What is the role of the umpire in playing basketball?

Answer: – Umpire has complete authority to judge the action of the players. The basketball umpire notified the basketball referee when three consecutive fouls were made.

Q 10. What does basketball teach you about life?

Answer: – Many factors of playing basketball teach you about your physical and mental health. But one of the most remarkable lessons that both younger and older kids get from basketball is that they must value their bodies so take better care of it

Q 11. What are the 13 original rules of basketball?

The 13 original rules of basketball were established by Dr. James Naismith in 1891. They outline the basic structure of the game, including how to start and stop play, how to score points, and the boundaries of the playing court.

Q 12. What is the dribble rule in basketball?

The dribble rule in basketball states that a player can only move the ball by dribbling, or bouncing it off the floor. The dribble must be continuous and cannot be picked up or carried with two hands.

Q 13. How many players are on the court during a game of basketball?

Each team in a game of basketball has five players on the court at a time. These players can freely move throughout the court, including into the opposing team’s half of the court, but must remain within the boundaries of the playing area.

Q 14. What is the 3-second rule in basketball?

The 3-second rule in basketball states that a player cannot remain in the opponent’s painted area for more than three seconds without closely guarding an opponent. This rule helps to prevent players from camping out in the paint and slowing down the pace of the game.

Q 15. What is the 10-second rule in basketball?

The 10-second rule in basketball states that a team must advance the ball across the mid-court line within 10 seconds. If they fail to do so, they will lose possession of the ball to the opposing team. This rule helps to ensure that the game remains fast-paced and promotes the transition from defense to offense.


These original 13 rules are written, Dr. James Naismith. These initial rules were published on January 15, 1892, in the Springfield College school newspaper.

There are some skills to whom; a junior player must practice before going to the basketball court, which are, junior players must have to practice dribbling, defense, rebounding, jumping shots, and running.

However, if you are a beginner player and play a basketball at a basketball gym. In that case, these 13 original rules are essential for youngsters and junior players to know about the basics of the basketball game.

Advice For junior player

We suggest to all the parents that teach their children to play basketball because it maintains their mental and physical health and makes your kids well disciplined. Playing basketball helps to improve the skill of the kids. It also increases the level of endurance and flexibility in kids.

Moreover, if you are an adult or your age is between 40 to 60, you can also play basketball because it burns up to 700 calories from the body within an hour. We hope you understand all the rules and regulations of playing the basketball game described above. 

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